I am Quinn Downie. I am an intuitive guide and soul success coach for spiritual entrepreneurs and sensitive empaths who have a calling to impact the world.

I am a coach & consultant for online entrepreneurs who want to use their platforms for a higher purpose; I help them to connect to their inner wisdom for soul impact in life and in business

My main areas of expertise are intuition, magnetism, energy healing/counselling, and communications.

In only two years of business, I have helped dedicated spiritual thought leaders and intuitive entrepreneurs from around the world to tap into their natural intuitive power for increased magnetism and increased clarity. My guidance helps my clients to birth their unique body of work into the world so that they can begin to fulfill their callings, reach their people, and find their path.

I have been where you are. I remember what it feels like to have an intense dream for your life, your business, and the world at large. I also remember how difficult it was to imagine how my calling would ever be fulfilled. That is, until I decided to start taking some inspired risks.

Instead of staying in my mundane, slow, secure lifestyle, I decided to risk everything that I had in order to learn the skills that I needed to be the thought leader that I am today.

Building my skill set started with 9 years of university education for counselling psychology, then progressed into learning basic online business strategy, then intuitive business strategy, magnetic body alignment work, energy work, and healing work. I even traveled across the world to Bali, Indonesia in order to perfect my craft, learning the various tools that I use today and activating my natural healing gifts.

I have supported intuitive leaders and sensitive entrepreneurs from around the world to accomplish new heights in their energetic frequencies, and as a result, accomplish DREAM manifestations in their life and business including

  • Earning more income in 3-4 months than they were used to making in 3-4 YEARS,

  • Calling in clients who CLICK with their unique body of work using their energy more than strategy,

  • Healing YEARS of intense trauma and transmuting their deepest wounds into their deepest power,

  • Unlocking financial abundance all around them

  • Creating their unique body of work and having a ripple effect of signature impact on the people who need their work the most,

And much, much more.

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My mission is to awaken & activate thought leaders and sensitive entrepreneurs like you to your intuitive power, your co-creative magnetism as well as the giftedness that lives in your empathic sensitivity. This work is important in this changing world that we live in because we need thought leaders who bring new paradigms of being into the world.

Now more than ever, we can collectively feel that it’s time for CHANGE. I am here to help you to create your own soul-aligned impact through your unique body of work.

I am here to remind you that all the keys to your success live within you. Nothing outside of you is limiting you. Success is an inside game.

You are made for this. You just have to see the truth of all that you are. I am here to help.

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Long before I knew anything about being an “empath,” I experienced intense levels of sensitivity. Feeling everything around me, within me, and within others was just a part of my life.

Like many empaths, I learned how to repress my deep well of feelings so that I could have a “functional” life. As a teenager, I was a vibrant ball of light naturally. I was comfortable and confident in my own skin, but due to my intense sensitivity, I was also easily crippled by criticism, personal attacks, and the hopelessness of others.

I went into a state of on-and-off depression that lasted for almost ten years. The more I tried to repress the intense feelings that my body was experiencing, the more anxious I became. The more I tried to deny my nature, the more depressed I became.

Eventually, I became so accustomed to blending in with this world’s darkness that I forgot what it felt like to be truly and deeply connected with myself. I was paying all my bills, working super hard in low-paying day jobs, and maintaining top-of-the-class grades in both undergraduate and graduate university. By external, Western standards, I was doing it all “right.” On the inside, I wanted to disappear. I just wanted to stop existing.

I now understand that these feelings are “normal” for an empath who is living in a state of disempowerment. The desire to numb the body and the brain, disconnection from the body, living in a frenzied brain of endless worries on a loop, unable to get out of bed in the morning for fear of what I would feel, living to please others so that I wouldn’t have to feel their disapproval, etc.

Despite succeeding in all arenas of my life, I was disempowered without even realizing it. I was living to please my parents, my friends, and even strangers who did not know who I was. It was easier to sacrifice myself than to feel the sting of disapproval from others.

Despite the numbing and self-destructive behaviour, I still felt this whisper within me; it was a calling to heal the world. This made no logical sense, and yet, I knew that the whisper was real. It was always there. From the time I was small, this whisper has always been there. The whisper of an empath: “heal yourself so you can heal others.”

The whisper is what kept me moving through suicidal months, abusive relationships, and binge behaviours with drinking, eating, and smoking. The whisper to be a healer for the world kept me moving through intense challenges.

So my first step forward on my path was my schooling. I knew that my psychology-focused education was going to be crucial to where I was going. I did not know exactly where I was going, but I knew that I would need this knowledge in order to thrive there.

Then, as if a perfectly wound clock went off, something clicked. It was time to act. It was time to do something that I have never done before.

I was done my coursework for my master’s degree in counselling psychology, but I was discovering that I wanted to be more than just another therapist. I wanted to be free to apply my spiritual gifts and teachings into my work with my clients, which is what drew me to become an intuitive success coach. I wanted to help women with VISION and women who, like me, feel an intense calling to contribute to world change. So I knew what I needed to do.

I started my own life coaching business straight out of university; this was a career dream, but it also ended up being the start of my healing journey.

As I met more empaths like me, and as I found more mentors who UNDERSTOOD me, I opened my heart. I opened my soul. Gradually, and then quickly, I learned how to become a fully empowered, embodied empath. I learned how powerful I truly am and how my co-creating skills were all I needed in order to call in dream clients. I started sharing my impact and having a true ripple effect on the world around me.

My clients were signing their own clients using their own intuitive skills, and I was starting to see how my own wisdom was helping online thought leaders in my community to finally have the impact they dreamed of having their whole lives.

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It was not always easy…

My business has challenged me to grow personally in the deepest way. In the beginning, I learned a lot about the importance of integrity and values; no amount of income can replace the importance of staying true to your values in business. A lot of the times, I was challenged by distractions of “make sales fast” and “double your income quickly,” which often stalled my inner development.

Over time, I have learned and fully embodied the divine principle of integrity when creating my success. Even if it takes longer this way, creating a life and business based on purpose takes some time, some bravery, and a lot of (EMPOWERED) risk.

Now, my passion is to work with purpose-based entrepreneurs (thought leaders) to custom design their dream life based on their heart and soul. Your soul-based business is not something that can be rushed or pushed. It is a journey, one in which your personal/internal growth must come FIRST so that your business can truly thrive from your life force energy.

This harmonization of life and business is so much easier with support from someone who has walked this walk before you, and that is why my clients hire me. Together, we open your heart, awaken your soul, and bring this potent life force energy into your purpose-driven business so that you can attract clients and impact the world with serene confidence.

My work is both healing and activating. I heal you so that you can heal others.

In healing yourself, you heal the world. In empowering yourself, you empower the world.

Are you ready?

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