I am Quinn Downie, and I am an intuitive life and business coach for thought leaders. I bring my clients into their personal power by sensing their CORE truth through my own psychic gifts.

My core gift is my ability to feel and see TRUTH. In other words, I have a direct connection to Source energy in all forms. I see through all the layers of a person, right down to their core essence. I feel the lies, the resistance, and the insecurity that stands in the way of the self-discovery. This is why I am able to help so many of my clients to make WAVES of impact and change.

Knowing your core truth means that I know your nature. Why is this important?

Your nature is your POWER. You draw in POWER by accepting yourself and all other moving parts of your reality exactly as they are without trying to “fix” everything. As soon as you surrender to what IS, you can now discover the innate power that lives within all reality. So being able to sense your nature allows me to coach you back into the full realization of your own power.

From this place, it now becomes possible to build your own thought leader message, movement, and impact. Being a thought leader is a unique way to operate a business; all the rules that seem to work for everyone else do not work for you in the same way. You need the freedom to carve your own path.

Together, we go into how you and your personal power work in unison to call in fully aligned sales with the clients you desire working with the most. I also help my clients to discover their intuitive gifts and natural coaching craft.

I help my clients to run their thought leader businesses using alignment work (both energetically and psychologically), intuition, inspired action steps, and some creative strategy as you familiarize yourself with your own creative process.

My work aims to liberate you from all the “rules” and pressure of modern day business. There is always an alternative way, and that is what I know best. I have been coaching for over a year, and in this modest time, I have sold over $100 000 worth of coaching simply through alignment, my gifts, and my intuitive sales process (which really involves nothing more than social media and intuition).

In my first year of my own thought leader business, I made this impact:

  • I helped my clients to cut down the overwhelming moving parts of their businesses so that they could bring their work down to basics again.

  • I restored self-trust, human connection, and spiritual practice in my clients’ sales processes

  • I helped multiple clients earn more in 3-6 months than in the previous 3-5 years combined (with much less busy work)

  • I helped all of my clients to unlock their treasure trove of intuitive gifts, clairvoyance, and their unique style of intuitive coaching, which was a game changer for anyone who has worked with me

  • I created a ripple effect of impact as my clients signed clients of their own, expanding the healing work of the collective

  • I supported multiple clients through their own spiritual awakenings

  • I designed my own community of intuitive thought leaders, which has brought some of the most powerful minds together from all over the world

  • I appeared as a guest in multiple Podcasts and live streams, sharing my thought leader message as it evolved throughout the year

If you feel like business has been a hustle game of exhaustion, burn out, overwhelm, and discouragement, you are not alone. This is because you are a thought leader. You might not realize it yet. Or you might be aware but currently in denial, but you are a thought leader. And thought leaders don’t usually need to hustle because we have an inner sense that guides us along a path of least resistance. In fact, a lot of the pressure of modern life/business throws thought leaders into more resistance, making success more difficult and UNnatural.

Activating thought leaders is what I do best. Helping you to make sense of your brilliant mind is what I do best. At this time on Earth, there has never been a bigger calling for thought leaders to rise up and OWN their unique essence. OWN the fact that your sensitivity and deep awareness are your greatest gifts, and as a result, need to be harnessed in however you choose to operate your business. OWN the fact that you are a thought leader and will therefore do things differently from the main crowd.

It gets to be easy. It gets to be fun. It gets to be expansive. Let me show you how.