I am Quinn Downie. I am an intuitive guide and soul success coach for empaths who have a calling to impact the world. I offer both life coaching and intuitive business coaching.

In my life coaching, I use a combination of intuitive energy work and counselling skills to support empaths in understanding what it means to be a sensitive being and how they can better manage their emotions for self-empowerment in life.

In my business coaching, I use my consulting skills and expertise in energetic business practices to help my empathic clients in growing their own body of work in the online space, attracting dream clients to their work, and influencing human ascension in their own unique way.

My main areas of expertise are:

  • intuition & magnetism, client attraction

  • energy healing/counselling, emotional healing

  • communication and writing, creating a unique body of work

In only two years of business, I have helped empaths from around the world to tap into their natural intuitive power for increased magnetism and increased clarity behind their influence. My guidance helps my clients to birth their unique body of work into the online world so that they can truly answer their callings, reach their people, and find their path.

I have been where you are. I remember what it feels like to have an intense dream for your life, your business, and the world at large. I also remember how difficult it was to imagine how my calling would ever be fulfilled. That is, until I decided to start taking some inspired risks.

Instead of staying in my mundane, slow, secure lifestyle, I decided to risk everything that I had in order to learn the skills that I needed to be the thought leader that I am today.

Building my skill set started with 9 years of university education for counselling psychology, then progressed into learning basic online business strategy, then intuitive business strategy, magnetic body alignment work, energy work, and healing work. I even traveled across the world to Bali, Indonesia in order to perfect my craft, learning the various tools that I use today and understanding my natural healing gifts.

I have supported clients from around the world to accomplish new heights in their energetic frequencies, and as a result, accomplish DREAM manifestations in their life and business including:

  • Earning more income in 3-4 months than they were used to making in 3-4 YEARS,

  • Calling in clients who CLICK with their unique body of work using their energy more than strategy,

  • Healing YEARS of intense trauma and transmuting their deepest wounds into their deepest power,

  • Unlocking financial abundance all around them

  • Creating their unique body of work and having a ripple effect of signature impact on the people who need their work the most,

And much, much more.

(check out my incredible testimonials from my past clients)

My mission is to awaken & activate thought leaders and sensitive entrepreneurs like you to your intuitive power, your co-creative magnetism as well as the gifts that live in your empathic sensitivity. This work is important in this changing world that we live in because we need thought leaders who bring new paradigms of being into the world.

Now more than ever, we can collectively feel that it’s time for CHANGE. I am here to help you to create your own soul-aligned impact through your unique body of work.

I am here to remind you that all the keys to your success live within you. Nothing outside of you is limiting you. Success is an inside game.

You are made for this. You just have to see the truth of all that you are. I am here to help.

My Story (1).png

When I was 18, I was diagnosed with depression…

And this is really where my journey around spirituality and the human psyche began. I was so confused by the numbness and disconnection from my life that I was feeling at the time. The confusion sparked a curiosity in me, and I became intrigued by learning about mental illness. I changed my major in university to psychology with thesis, and I had the plan to learn as much as I could about human psychology and how to empower people like me.

In my undergrad years, I was fiercely committed to the mental health awareness movement, particularly on campus. I had my own blog at the time to help other students who were also suffering from mental illness, I was volunteering in multiple campus organizations to promote awareness of mental health including peer counselling services, and I even made it onto my city’s paper for all the activity that I was pouring into this endeavor.

I completed my thesis and graduated, which was then followed by my acceptance into grad school for my master’s degree in counselling psychology. I did well in grad school, achieving a 4.0 GPA in coursework.

However, something felt like it was missing.

The more I learned about psychology, the more I loved it, but at the same time, it was becoming apparent to me that a core element was missing for me. How could I apply this extensive education to helping people like me? And who were “people like me?” There was something more to me than the fact that I had a history of mental illness.

There was a deeply spiritual part of me that I kept hidden from the world

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt drawn to the metaphysical studies of the world, despite the fact that these studies have been shunned by science and the modern world. A part of me identified with these ancient modalities, regardless of what anyone around me was saying about them. I felt it in my bones.

Not to mention that I was naturally intuitive my whole life, and being sensitive to parts of the world that most people did not feel was becoming something BIG for me to talk about publicly.

I realized that my calling was about more than mental health…

The mental health path was step one to understanding the work that I am here to do on this planet. Human psychology was my foundation. Then, came spirituality. The missing puzzle piece that allowed me to understand the BIG picture finally presented itself to me. For the first time, I felt clear on how I was going to support human beings with my skills and gifts.

So I invested in my personal growth by hiring my first 1:1 mentor; this is when I began the journey of learning the basic spiritual principles that are in my work today. I continued to invest in my growth by hiring various other mentors in the areas where I wanted to develop my skills the most. The more I learned about spirituality (the study of life force energy and what it means to be a vessel for this energy), the more I realized that I wanted to support empaths.

Like me, most empaths are no stranger to mental illness. Mental illness is often the common catalyst for empaths to discover that they are empathic in the first place. My mental illness is how I discovered that I was an empath, and then later, how I had gifts that would allow me to change the world one client at a time.

(You can read more about empaths and what it means to be an empath in my blog)

So my work has become a combination of energy work and psychological counselling to support empaths in understanding their sensitivity and birthing their unique body of work into the world

I know there are people like me who are intensely sensitive to feelings, emotions, and environments and don’t yet know how to live their best lives when they are feeling so much. But as you learn how to develop emotional intelligence and freedom as an empath, you empower yourself to live a life far beyond your dreams. I support you to do just that.

It is also common for many empaths to realize that they now want to share their gifts and insight with others by starting their own online spiritual business. I also support you to create your unique body of work that brings your natural gifts to the forefront. I also help you to attract clients to your offerings using the intuitive skills that you already possess.

I now help empaths to custom design their dream life and business based on cultivating their intuitive skills, their magnetism, and their energetic awareness (sensitivity).

Bringing these internal strengths together empowers you to go from an overwhelmed empath to a fully unleashed thought leader in the online industry.

My work is both healing and activating. I heal you so that you can heal others.

In healing yourself, you heal the world. In empowering yourself, you empower the world.

Are you ready?

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