My name is Quinn Downie. I am a 26-year-old intuitive mindset coach for online entrepreneurs. I completed my bachelor's degree at the University of Windsor in psychology with thesis before going on to start my master's degree in counselling psychology. I have been actively involved in the mental health awareness movement for over 3 years; I have volunteered for multiple mental health awareness campus groups and activities, completed an undergraduate thesis on academic stress coping, provided volunteer counselling services on campus, started my own positive living blog, and now I am currently completing my counselling training for my master's degree. I also offer day and night support to adults with special needs on the side.  You may be wondering why I am so drawn to mindset work, so I will share my story.

My Story

When I was 18 years old, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder. I didn't realize it at the time, but I started to live with absolute fear. I recovered from my depression, but I was terrified that it would return, which led to a series of reckless decisions in my attempt to "run" from my mental illness. Each choice was worse than the last until my mental health came crashing down. I experienced four episodes of depression altogether along with daily anxiety. Still, I managed to recover from each episode, and I conquered my schooling, pushed toward my goals, and continued to learn from each trying experience. I decided to become a counsellor in my first year of university, so I changed my major from English literature to a double major in psychology with thesis and English literature. I made this choice, because I realized that I wanted to help others to thrive in their own lives, especially while suffering from mental illness. I knew this would take a lot of dedication and years of schooling, but it was an undeniable calling.


I became actively involved in the mental health awareness movement, especially since the movement had hardly taken off when I experienced depression for the first time. I knew that the world needed to span its horizons in order to recognize the struggle that is mental illness. I knew that too many other women my age were suffering in silence from a mental illness that they could not understand just as I had. I knew that, as a woman who conquered multiple episodes of depression in her university years, I needed to speak up about my experience with mental illness. I started openly sharing my story, even starting a blog on Tumblr that accumulated hundreds of followers per month. I became a peer counsellor on campus and offered volunteer counselling to stressed students who needed someone to talk to. I planned PR activities on campus almost every week, and I helped the Mental Health Awareness Club with its campus activities and fundraisers. I was interviewed in my city's paper for being a part of the Peer Support Centre, and I was also interviewed by a student group on campus, which was the conversation that helped me to gain clarity toward my future goals. I completed an undergraduate thesis on culture and academic stress coping, which yielded some promising findings. When I completed my bachelor's degree, I graduated on the Dean's List, and I started my master's degree in counselling psychology through Yorkville University. I knew my calling, and this calling has only gotten stronger with time. However, I still struggled with my fears around my mental health. I kept dreading the return of my depression, and just when I thought I was in the clear, my depression would return. Every time that my depression returned, my life was derailed, and I had to start from scratch.

After 4 experiences with the darkness of depression, I decided that enough was ENOUGH. I used my undergraduate and graduate psychology teachings, personal experience, and self-help reading to devise a list of "back-pocket tools" that I could use to actively maintain my mental health. This way, I did not need to live in the shadow of my mental illness any longer. When I saw how my life changed as a result of following my mindset process and 6 mindset tools, I also realized that I could teach these tools to as many people as possible to help others thrive in life. When I implemented my back-pocket tools, I felt like I was writing my own life story. For the first time in my life, I did not feel like a victim of mental illness, but rather, I felt like an empowered woman who had taken ownership of her life. I was making my life into what I wanted it to be.

This was a major accomplishment, especially after multiple abusive relationships, reckless decisions in an attempt to "run" from my depression, and struggling with a complete lack of self-love. Thankfully, this is no longer my reality today. I am currently married to a man who is even better than what I imagined. I am living with self-love and patience toward myself as I work through my mindset blocks. I apply my 6 mindset tools every single day in order to keep growing, expanding, and using my negative feelings toward a higher purpose. 

Check out my blog to learn more about my story. I share my story in MUCH more detail through a 7-part blog series (My Life Story), so if you are interested in reading about overcoming anxiety, depression, fears, and other struggles (including abusive relationships and lack of self-love), I definitely recommend reading my blog series! I have a feeling that you are going to love it!

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Before we can love life, we must first live with love

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Quinn Downie

Mindset & Self-Love Coach