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Dream: Co-Creating your Vision,

Designing the Fabric for your Dream Life,

And Sparking World Change from your Soul

1:1 Intuitive Guidance, Energy Work, and Success Coaching

6 months of weekly coaching with resources

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This is my VIP coaching experience for deeply committed aspiring and experienced thought leaders/spiritual seekers. If you have a vision for how you want to change the world, then this program is going to support you in developing deep self-trust, integrity, and empowerment so that you can co-create your dreams with clarity. This is the most exciting and most detailed coaching offering that I have ever created; read more here

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Goddess Awakened

1:1 Intuitive Guidance for Thought Leaders

$5K for 3 months

(payment plan: $2K x 3 months)


Awakening and Activating your Personal Power

  • Discovering your gifts and how YOUR intuition works

  • Clarifying how you heal others through your work, building new heights of confidence and conviction

  • Healing your wounds and transmuting resistance so that you can come back to your NATURE (aka your power).

  • Unlocking your CORE gift and the unspoken impact that you naturally have on other people

  • Owning your values & magnetism so that you can attract your natural abundance and build your body of work as a thought leader YOUR way

Clarity of Your Thought Leader Message and Movement:

  • Unleashing your creativity and playing with passion to create your unique body of work as a thought leader

  • Calling in soulfully aligned client connections and collaborations through energetic alignment and inspired actions

  • Clarifying your thought leader message, your movement, and your impact so that you break free from the outdated, traditional “coaching” model

  • Bold self-expression, opening your heart, and revealing deeper layers of yourself through vulnerability; this will also create your best work as a thought leader

  • Channeling your live streams and content so that you no longer sound like everyone else. Your content no longer sounds or feels like a whisper in a crowded hall; you are being SEEN and HEARD by the people who count once you start channeling your creations. Pure and true self-expression.

Paradigm work:

  • Erasure of ALL rules so that you can operate as an awakened thought leader on YOUR terms

  • Redefining and re conceptualizing reality, co-creating your success in a state of clarity and natural flow

  • Questioning things about your reality more often so that you can discover what truth means for you; growing your thought leader work by questioning the parts of reality that don’t feel quite right to you.

  • Detaching yourself from the opinions and judgments of others, releasing co-dependency, releasing attachments to outcomes so that you can access your flow

  • Healing and working through your shadows

  • Growing into your depth/accessing the depth of your truth, liberating yourself from pressure and stress through deep embodiment work and healing work

  • Redefining what success means to you and claiming it by BEing more YOU than ever before. Bringing spirituality and SOUL into your success story

How I Guide you:

I combine the use of my psychic/intuitive gifts, channeling from both collective energy and YOUR energy, breath work, embodiment work, and reflecting your own essence back to you so that you can feel grounded in truth. My focus is not to show you “the way,” but rather to return you to your nature so that you can start playing and self-expressing as the thought leader you were born to be.

My work empowers thought leaders like you on an energetic, psychological, and physical level so that you become a magnet for your deepest desires and a clear vessel for world-change impact.


  • 12 Weekly 60-minute 1:1 sessions with lifetime access recordings

  • Google drive of resources and notes as we go

  • Unlimited Voxer access between sessions

Quinn has simply changed my paradigm about making sales, driving my business and living my life.
Her methodology for manifesting results by living the magic of tuning into my intuition and taking inspired action has led me to sign two 1:1 clients, double up my prices and opened endless opportunities for potential clients not only for my 1:1 program but for group sessions and other variety of services.
— Cristina de la fuente: her experience of working with Quinn

If this is you, let’s talk about getting you signed up in Goddess Awakened.

This is deep energy work, intuitive guidance, and liberating self-empowerment.

My gifts come from my ability to see and sense truth. I am able to guide you into a state of self-trust, soul empowerment, and deep acceptance of yourself. In my coaching, I become a mirror of clarity for you to see yourself as the divine light that you truly are. From this state, we activate a natural sense of pleasure, magnetism, and purity of self that magnetizes your deepest desires into your life.

I work well with thought leaders because I only operate from full truth and integrity. I am a clear channel for your deepest truth. This means that I will be guiding you to unconditionally trust yourself on your own spiritual path. As you birth your body of work, you also discover yourself on a deeper and deeper level so that success becomes the most natural feeling in the world for you.

This won’t be like any other coaching experience you have ever had. I don’t spell out the answers. You already have the keys to your calling. I bring this internal source of power out from within you. I awaken your soul in everything that you do so that you shine in the way you were always meant to shine.

Let’s connect. Let’s talk. I want to get to know you, your dreams, and how I can support you in your spiritual evolution.



1:1 healing work, energy work, and soul activation work

$737 for 6 weeks (bi-weekly coaching)

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Let’s start a revolution, starting from within.

-Quinn Downie

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The Quinner Circle

Lifetime Access to my Best Live Trainings
Investment: $200


  • Over 20 recorded trainings that guide you step-by-step into owning your power and creating your unique body of work as a thought leader

  • Journal prompts and assignments for each training so that you can experience deep spiritual growth, unleash your wild side, journey into the unknown, and bask in the vibrancy of your new life while creating more sales for your spiritual coaching business.

  • Group support as you explore your spiritual, adventurous, mystic side

·         Click here to make your payment for the Quinner Circle. Once your payment has been verified, you will be granted access to the Quinner Circle.