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Goddess Awakened

1:1 Intuitive Guidance for Thought Leaders

$5K for 3 months

$10K for 6 months

(Payment plans available)


Awakening and Activating your Personal Power

  • Discovering your gifts and how YOUR intuition works

  • Clarifying how you heal others through your work, building new heights of confidence and conviction

  • Healing your wounds and transmuting resistance so that you can come back to your NATURE (aka your power).

  • Unlocking your CORE gift and the unspoken impact that you naturally have on other people

  • Owning your values & magnetism so that you can attract your natural abundance and build your body of work as a thought leader YOUR way

Clarity of Your Thought Leader Message and Movement:

  • Unleashing your creativity and playing with passion to create your unique body of work as a thought leader

  • Calling in soulfully aligned client connections and collaborations through energetic alignment and inspired actions

  • Clarifying your thought leader message, your movement, and your impact so that you break free from the outdated, traditional “coaching” model

  • Bold self-expression, opening your heart, and revealing deeper layers of yourself through vulnerability; this will also create your best work as a thought leader

  • Channeling your live streams and content so that you no longer sound like everyone else. Your content no longer sounds or feels like a whisper in a crowded hall; you are being SEEN and HEARD by the people who count once you start channeling your creations. Pure and true self-expression.

Paradigm work:

  • Erasure of ALL rules so that you can operate as an awakened thought leader on YOUR terms

  • Redefining and re conceptualizing reality, co-creating your success in a state of clarity and natural flow

  • Questioning things about your reality more often so that you can discover what truth means for you; growing your thought leader work by questioning the parts of reality that don’t feel quite right to you.

  • Detaching yourself from the opinions and judgments of others, releasing co-dependency, releasing attachments to outcomes so that you can access your flow

  • Healing and working through your shadows

  • Growing into your depth/accessing the depth of your truth, liberating yourself from pressure and stress through deep embodiment work and healing work

  • Redefining what success means to you and claiming it by BEing more YOU than ever before. Bringing spirituality and SOUL into your success story

How I Guide you:

I combine the use of my psychic gifts, channeling from both collective energy and YOUR energy, breath work, embodiment work, and reflecting your own essence back to you so that you can feel grounded in truth. My focus is not to show you “the way,” but rather to return you to your nature so that you can start playing and self-expressing as a thought leader.

My work empowers thought leaders like you on an energetic, psychological, and physical level so that you become a magnet for your deepest desires and a clear vessel for world-change impact.


  • 12 (3month) or 24 (6month) Weekly 60-minute 1:1 sessions with lifetime access recordings

  • Google drive of resources and notes as we go

  • Unlimited Voxer access between sessions

Quinn has simply changed my paradigm about making sales, driving my business and living my life.
Her methodology for manifesting results by living the magic of tuning into my intuition and taking inspired action has led me to sign two 1:1 clients, double up my prices and opened endless opportunities for potential clients not only for my 1:1 program but for group sessions and other variety of services.
— Cristina de la fuente: her experience of working with Quinn

If this is you, let’s talk about getting you signed up in Goddess Awakened for the winter. I am currently receiving 4 private clients for the winter season (2 spots remaining), and I would LOVE for you to be one of them.

This is deep energy work, intuitive guidance, and liberating self-empowerment.

My gifts and my psychological healing craft will support you in SHINING as a thought leader so that you can have the impact that you dream of having on YOUR terms.

Let’s connect. Let’s talk. I want to get to know you, your dreams, and how I can support you in your spiritual evolution. Book a free call below (no strings attached); however, if I feel we are a match, I will suggest that we work together in one of my offerings <3.

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Wild & Free Group Program

6 Week Group Program

$1500 USD

Payment plan: $750 x 2

Call Topics:

Chapter One: Wild Woman Unchained

  • Releasing yourself from obligations, taking your power back from others

  • Paradigm work, freeing yourself from the linear paradigm so that you can make room for your new paradigm

  • Creating your own paradigm based on YOUR beliefs around spirituality and world change

  • Shifting your values, which alters your focus and changes how money comes into your life

  • Redefining what “success” actually means so that you can experience YOUR success, clarity of your vision

Chapter Two: Wild Woman Free

  • Getting into flow and growing your business by living your best life (outside of work), detaching from the outcome, letting your work and audience grow organically

  • Surrender control, accessing your infinite inner peace by discovering YOUR unique personal power (my gifts allow me to read into your essence and therefore support you in discovering your personal power for yourself)

  • Freeing yourself from time constraints and pressure by getting lost in creative flow

  • Leaning into your emotional experiences so that you can learn and grow from them, using your emotions to align your energy with your goals, embodying your FULL being rather than just living from the head

  • Developing emotional freedom, financial freedom, and creative freedom

Chapter Three: Wild Woman Ignited

  • Unlocking your intuitive gifts; discovering your “clairs”

  • Reading energy, connecting with future clients and collaborations simply by “recognizing” them

  • Cutting out the busy work and tedious research entirely from your business; studying your own intuitive process of human connection/network building

  • Resetting and bringing your craft back to basics; the overwhelm ends now.

  • Starting a new chapter of business where your strategy is birthed from self-discovery

  • Defeating the “mindset work cycle” by dispersing your consciousness throughout your entire body, bringing ALL chakra points and ALL of your energy into your present moment

  • Embodying your depth as a fully present thought leader, letting your essence shine through in all interactions by getting out of your head and INto your body

  • Full-blown magnetism established through breath work and embodied presence, attracting rather than chasing your financial and influential goals

Chapter Four: Wild Woman Expressed

  • Speaking your mind, especially when it scares you the most to do so

  • Clarifying your message as a thought leader so that your work is coming straight from your heart (rather than your logical brain)

  • Eliminating beliefs around authority, patriarchy, and prestige, replacing these old beliefs with unconditional faith in yourself and your message

  • Writing about what you WANT to write, talking about what you WANT to talk about, and refusing to compromise your thought leader message/craft for anyone or anything, working through fears and resistance around how your message will be received

  • Confidently, comfortably, and in the most aligned way possible energetically attract your new clients & collaborations into your world through creative self-expression

  • Moving past the temptation to overthink your message, freeing yourself from the traditional overly structured approach to content creation, advancing beyond “means to an end” content creation.

  • Learning how to channel your own wisdom, creating from inspiration rather than pressure (this is the content that draws in people naturally)

  • Opening your throat chakra, accessing YOUR voice, spellbound speaking skills (this is helpful in live streams and public speaking situations)

Chapter Five: Wild Woman Fierce

  • Making decisions with potency, choosing your focus and staying true to your decisions

  • How to call in multiple clients & connections with your mind (yep, you heard me right)- empowering you to become the catalyst for your own growth; seeing how your success comes from YOU and your consciousness

  • Channeling the most potent action steps for yourself using your gifts and how to trust those action steps so that you are connecting with your DREAM clients, connections, and collaborations

  • How to take aligned, inspired action in the face of fear/discomfort; working through your fears and facing them so that bold action becomes your natural norm

  • Rising from the ashes: how to use your darkest hour as fuel for new levels of success, releasing the old story of trauma and creating a new chapter/fresh start in your life

  • The difference between choosing to reach people and hoping to reach people with your work; the wild woman in you KNOWS she can impact the world in the most natural, sacred way

Chapter Six: Wild Woman Eternal

  • Coming back to your nature (eternity and infinity), remembering that you are a soul in a human body

  • Coming back to the realization that you CHOSE this life and this path before you incarnated and how to trust this path (your desires are guiding you, so it’s NATURAL to receive what you want)

  • How to use your personal power to co-create in flow so that you no longer feel the need to be in control all the time; finally welcome in some relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-trust to both life and business

  • Knowing and embodying the fact that you can never actually choose “wrong,” realizing how you cannot actually fail or mess up; this gives you the bravery to act on ALL inspiration in a way that carries potency (and as a result, soulmate connections and world-healing impact)

  • Claiming self-sovereignty in life and business, meaning that you rely on your own personal conviction above all and you STOP COMPARING YOURSELF to other coaches/thought leaders/healers forever

  • Envisioning and preparing the long-term of your soul mission and thought leader movement

  • Getting clear on how your soul’s work contributes to waking up the world and bringing in a new chapter of humanity


  • Weekly 60-minute calls with Q&A at end (6 group calls) as well as lifetime access to all recordings

    • Calls will be at 11:30 am est on every Thursday morning for the duration of the program.

  • Shared Wild & Free FB group to come together in our empowering process (lifetime access to this space)

  • Homework reflections and action prompts shared in the group space

  • Voxer access directly to me when you need a quick re-alignment/reminder of your power

In this world full of coaches and gurus, Quinn shines a light of genuine soul sister connection and respect. Quinn helped me shift from a overwhelmed and underestimated mom trying to get it all together into a self assured, supported, and confident coach.
— Daphna Romanoff: her experience working with Quinn

Book a call below if you want to talk about this program/get to know me more. I am so excited to meet you <3.

Already all-in?

Secure your spot here now. We start April 17 2019. Select the payment plan option if you are interested in holding your spot for this one-of-a-kind program for only $750 now (second payment of $750 due on the start day of the program).


Let’s start a revolution, starting from within.

-Quinn Downie

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The Quinner Circle

Monthly paid membership on Facebook
Investment: $30/month


  • Weekly 60 minute spiritual training with card pulls/intuitive readings (live stream in Facebook group)

  • Journal prompts and assignments for each training so that you can experience deep spiritual growth, unleash your wild side, journey into the unknown, and bask in the vibrancy of your new life while creating more sales for your spiritual coaching business.

  • Group support as you explore your spiritual, adventurous, mystic side

·         Click here to make your payment for the Quinner Circle. Once your payment has been verified, you will be granted access to the Quinner Circle.