As Easy as Breathing (Group Program)

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As Easy as Breathing (Group Program)


This is a group program for soul-driven coaches, healers, and mentors to come together to UNLOCK AND REFINE their intuitive gifts and soul coaching craft. When you unlock your craft, you unlock your TRUTH, which means mind-blowing sales with soul sister clients. Are you ready? 

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The Basics

  • 8 Weeks; we start March 19 2018
  • One group call per week of 2 hours each via Zoom (all calls will be recorded)
  • The investment is $1500 pay in full ONLY 
  • Private FB group to collaborate with your fellow light workers (and new best friends)
  • We are focusing on unlocking your unique coaching craft, soul essence, and intuitive gifts. This WILL change the way that you do EVERYTHING, which means that you NEED to be ready to get uncomfortable, take risks, and welcome in mind-blowing sales with soul sister clients. Your life is about to change forever.

Call Outline


Call 1: Unlocking your Gifts and Soul Coaching Craft

In this call, we will be getting you in touch with ALL the lovely intricacies of your soul gifts. This means understanding EXACTLY how intuitive information/downloads come to you as well as being able to offer channeled insight into a given scenario. We will also be getting you clear on how your one-of-a-kind coaching craft operates to ensure that your clients are getting results. When you finish this call, you will never need to compare yourself to other coaches again, because your gifts allow you to provide unlimited insight with ease that no one else can do in the exact same way.

Call 2: Your Soul Marketing

We are getting you in touch with your fiery marketing so that you never again feel like your message is generic. You know those coaches who ALWAYS seem to have such POWERFUL, stand-out posts? Have you ever wondered how they do it? How do they always inspire so many people with their words? Not only are you about to understand exactly how this is possible, but YOU are going to speak to the souls of your clients as well now!! Get excited! Your message is going to move the masses, because it is coming from your soul truth.

Call 3: Harnessing the Power of your Mind

Understanding that you are SEPARATE from your mind is true liberation. You are a soul in a human body, which means that you are capable of shifting your focus. Your brain is wired for survival at its primitive structures, but it is ALSO wired to be the conduit for your intuition and soul truth. When you understand how to tap into these higher structures in your mind, you can CREATE sales and your dream reality using your brain. Your brain can work either FOR you or AGAINST you, and I am going to show you how to harness this massively powerful tool to create regular sales in your coaching business. 

Call 4: Wealth Mindset

The universe operates like a giant mirror, so if you believe in scarcity, and you feel like you are not deserving of your greatest desires, then guess what you will manifest into your reality? In this call, I am teaching you how to EXPECT sales, because sales are everywhere. Money is everywhere. We are living in a universe that is filled to the brim with abundance, and this is the reality that you are stepping into. When you see how prosperity is ACTUALLY the natural state of things, you manifest more and more of your desires with ease and flow (this obviously includes sales).

Call 5: Ready for Risk-Taking

Going TOWARD the fear is how you unlock self-confidence beyond your wildest dreams, and that is exactly what we are doing together! You are facing your fears head on, which means having uncomfortable conversations, taking risks, and releasing excuses, but this is how you transform your life and your sales! In fact, your five-figure clients are everywhere; you just need to be willing to get out of your comfort zones in order to reach them! Comfort is the enemy of progress, which you will soon see as we get you in touch with your inner daredevil.

Call 6: Owning the Power of your Choices

The most massive step that I took in my own coaching business that led to me turning 2 months of NO SALES into a $20K month, a $27K month, and a projected $20K CASH MONTH was OWNING MY PARADIGM. You create your reality with your mind and with your decisions. Your choices have power, especially when they are made with CONVICTION (aka going toward the fear and refusing to take no for an answer). I am going to teach you how to CHOOSE your reality and therefore create it by design. When you take the driver's position in your life, sales become truly easy, because ultimately, you are doing what needs to be done and saying what needs to be said in order to reach your goals. When you decide that sales are HAPPENING, guess what? Sales HAPPEN.

Call 7: Putting yourself as #1

This is the call where we shift this idea that other people's desires are your responsibility. We live in a world where we are eager to please others, and we are taking on the burdens of each other's feelings and emotions. When you release yourself from this people-pleasing, OVERLY considerate (too much of anything is unhealthy, right?) approach to life, you unlock TRUE FREEDOM. And this true freedom is necessary for sales that are as easy as breathing.

Call 8: Balancing your Masculine and Feminine Energies

the spiritual/intuitive business road requires a LOT OF BALANCE. I am going to show you how to harness your feminine trust and creativity with your masculine DRIVE and conviction. When you bring determined action side-by-side with flow, trust, self-care, and connection with the universe, you become a force to be reckoned with. End of story!

Does As Easy as Breathing sound right for you? 

(Is that even an actual question)?!

If you want to unlock results that you have never had before (mind-blowing sales that feel EASY), then you need to do something you have never done before. It means taking risks. It means stepping into my paradigm where my soul essence and staying true to ME = five-figure months CASH and 100% closing rate in my sales calls. I do all of this by keeping things simple and razor-sharp focused, which is what I teach you how to do as well.

But the first step into this new paradigm is your investment. And $1500 is the lowest possible price that you will see my services at! This is because this soul-level coaching changes the way that you do EVERYTHING. My clients are always getting results (like $23K weeks and $6400 days). And they are fully embracing their truths, which means more time spent doing the things they love and freedom from the restrictions that they thought they had. 

I see your truth. I see your essence. And that is why I am such a strong mentor. 

I am able to effortlessly connect with my soul-sister clients, because I have worked with my own powerful mentor to unlock my own coaching craft and powerful gifts. It's all a mirror, and we are all connected, so my success = your success.

So if you want to make $11 400 CASH in ONE DAY (I did that only 3 months into my business) and step into your TRUTH, then this decision, although frightening and uncomfortable, is ACTUALLY a no-brainer. The only thing holding you back is your ego.

So you get to decide now. You get to shift your focus from ego to possibility NOW.

Is it uncomfortable?


But you already know as well as I do that you are capable of exceeding your goals. Whether you are a new coach/mentor or a more established coach/mentor looking to bring things to the NEXT, NEXT LEVEL, you are going to be forever grateful for this decision. Unlocking my essence and my craft was the best choice I made, and now, I am inviting you to join my paradigm too.

Are you ready?
You know what to do ;).