This program is designed to support you in co-creating your reality by tapping into your deep source of natural power within. We are going to be laying out your grand vision for your life AND your business. I want to know your most vivid dreams for your life and business as a thought leader on the rise; from here, we are going to be working week by week to turn these dreams into physical, manifested reality over a period of 6 months. Actualize yourself. Actualize your calling.

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Before we dive into the content of this program, you and I will have a bonus intro call to set the stage for the next 6 months. This means that I will be asking you about your vision for your entire life. How do you want to be feeling daily? What lifestyle do you want to have? Do you want your business pace to be fast, strategic, and active? Or are you more like me and prefer a gentle flow of abundance, prosperity, and inspired action steps while sipping lattes at a cafe? Do you want a business that gives you more time to be with friends and family? More time with your partner? Do you want to earn five-figure months or keep things simple? We will be getting clear on YOUR soul-centered vision for you life so that we can work together to co-create it all.

From here, we will be going over your purpose-driven business. How do you want to change the world? How do you want to impact the lives of other people? Do you want to be more of a coach or a healer? Are you an intuitive guide? What motivates you unlike anything else? What is your calling? We will be digging into all of this before starting our scheduled sessions to that we can set the stage for your DREAMS.

The whole point of this program is to co-create and manifest your DREAMS using your own internal source of power (your intuition and your mind/body/soul trinity).

This program is a VIP-level investment so that you can finally take off into your dreams. This program is for the starry-eyed dreamer who is tired of SEEING everything she wants in her mind, but feeling lost about how to bring this into physical being. You are tired of feeling like you need to hustle like a masculine-energy machine in order to achieve your dreams.

I know this feeling because I was where you are too. The more I laboured after my dreams, the farther they seemed to be outside of my reach. My energy was vibrating at the frequency of self-denial, self-punishment, and heart-closure- none of which creates success.

Together, you and I will be creating your own soul success based on energy work and honouring your divine feminine, cyclical energy while ALSO tapping into your sacred masculine drive and determination.