Serenity: Healing Guidance for Empaths Awakening

Serenity: Healing Guidance for Empaths Awakening


Return to your nature,

Open your heart,

Transmute your pain into power,

Unleash your gifts, free yourself from resistance,

and fall into your power state: SERENITY

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Serenity: 6 weeks of 1:1 life coaching, energy work, and healing


  • 6 bi-weekly calls (60 minutes each)

  • Recordings of all calls with lifetime access

  • Google drive for shared resources

  • Voxer (free walkie talkie app) access between sessions

General Program Plan

With this being a private coaching program, the flow of the sessions will depend on each client’s needs, but here is a general plan for what I have in store for you:

  • Reconnecting with your body by dispersing your consciousness through ALL chakra (energy points) in your body; getting out of the head and into the body.

  • Safely and gradually learning how to feel again: feeling yourself, your essence, and your body

  • Basic mindset work: clearing old stories by shifting psychological perception and then LETTING GO of attachment to these stories

  • Deep guided meditations and breathwork that you can do as often as you need in order to feel grounded, clear, and refreshed in every present moment

  • Learning how to replace worrying with surrender: releasing control and trusting your intuitive instincts instead

  • Authentic human connection and seeing how all human relationships are actually mirrors for your deep self-understanding and self-reverence

Other Benefits of this Healing Work:

  • Openness and receptivity to abundance, which means influx of wealth, opportunities, and key connections with people as needed

  • Confidence in your own healing gifts and tools, which empowers you to share your magic with the people in your life

  • Trust and serenity means more courage to take the “scary” actions along your life path: this means forward progress at last in all areas of your life

  • Deep self-love leads to nourishing fulfilling relationships and the healthy shedding of toxic relationships in your life without the “need” for drama or struggle. This also means that you are empowered to end all abusive relationships that you may currently be holding onto, including jobs/careers that are draining you.

  • Empowerment means that you understand how to make CHOICES, especially the challenging ones, which allows you to co-create your reality with grace. This means more freedom to go/do what you please on YOUR terms.

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