Wake up & Shake up (VIP)

Wake up & Shake up (VIP)


This is the option to sign up for my mini mastermind, Wake up & Shake up in the VIP option. This includes personal revision of your copy/live streams during the program. Revision will be suggestions only, and my primary focus will be on how much your writing is expressing your soul and integrating your channeled wisdom.

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Wake up & Shake up is a mini mastermind for thought leaders who want to express their SOUL in their writing and speaking. This program is perfect for you if you are an online entrepreneur who would like support with creating copy/live streams that magnetize and grab attention (by being true to YOU and the life force you put behind the message). This program is also optimal for bloggers and creative writers who want to bring more of their unique essence into their creative writing.

My writing & communication skills have played a major role in me being able to reach my audience in a way that moves them. However, being skilled at writing does not always mean that you will be heard, seen, and feeling like you are reaching your people. It’s your natural magnetism and soul essence that pulls people in. Your audience wants to FEEL YOU behind your words, and this is easier than you think. It just takes some practice and some fear-releasing around self-expression.

This is why we will be going into your channeling abilities and how to let your potent message work its magic THROUGH you for copy, emails, blog posts, and creative writing that stimulates new paradigms of thought.

Part of being a thought leader is self-expression and allowing yourself to be visible for what you feel/believe in. I am here to help with this mini mastermind that combines 1:1 calls with a mastermind Fb group for back-up support.

The core areas that we will be focusing on are: a) accessing your message from within, using your intuition to channel and clarify your own words, and b) the delivery of the message, aka, your writing and how to bring your soul into the way you write.

Call Outline:

Week 1: Channeling your message from source

  • How to channel, how to allow your soul message to happen through you

  • Feeling your message and working with clairsentient wisdom within

  • Connecting to the energy of your soulmate clients/audience so that you effortlessly communicate/connect with them

  • Birthing your unique message, which begins the formation of your unique body of work

Week 2: Your natural delivery

  • Getting clear on YOUR unique voice and quirks; getting comfortable with your own personal writing style & live stream style

  • Embracing the “flaws” in your delivery and challenging ideas of how you are supposed to write/speak

  • Tweaking your writing and speaking so that you are true to yourself and letting your soul shine through

  • Getting out of your head and writing from your heart: bringing your deepest values into your writing and speaking

Week 3: energy work for potency

  • Super-charging your posts and live streams by tapping into your natural magnetism

  • Bringing emotions into your writing and speaking - the role that your emotions play in your marketing

  • Clearing away old stories, limitations, and fears around self-expression and being seen for who you are

  • Setting intentions for your content and aligning yourself with your desired outcomes - co-creating through your content

Week 4: perfecting your communication and delivery

  • How to make your posts more succinct - trimming away extraneous noise from your writing and speaking

  • Silencing the critical voice in your head that stops you from writing/speaking the way you desire to

  • Clearing away the fog in your writing and speaking so that your posts/copy/live streams have MEANING to your people

  • Grounding yourself in your own confidence so that you can trust yourself to create and create and CREATE to your heart’s content

Each call will now be 1:1 for 45 minutes each; each call will be recorded for lifetime access/reference.

During these calls, we will be working with some of your actual copy at certain points in the program. Due to the highly interactive nature of this program, there are only 4 spots.

You can also sign up for the VIP option here, which includes the option of having me revise all/any of your content (that you want to share with me) to help you bring more of your soul essence into your expression.

If this sounds like the support you need, don’t hesitate to sign up while openings remain. The program starts on Wednesday, September 4 and the calls will be 45 minutes in length each. You and I will personally schedule each call.

There will be a mastermind group as well on Facebook where we will bring the content together with group support.

Early bird pricing is only $555 until August 15 (then it goes up to $777).

Questions? you can book a call with me OR you can email me at quinn@quinndownie.com