Wild & Free Group Program

Wild & Free Group Program


This is a 6-week group program for thought leaders who are born to stand out. Each week is a new chapter of deep-diving into the life of a wild woman. This program is all about self-empowerment, spiritual connection, soulful alignment, creative activation, and untamed self-liberation. Every aspiring and current thought leader will benefit intensely from this program.

Let's Soar Wild Woman

You are wild. You have always been wild.

I am facilitating the most powerful group space that I have ever held as a thought leader! I am bringing you back to your nature, back to your wisdom, back to your truth.

What does it mean to be wild?

A wild woman trusts her heart and soul BEFORE she refers to the external paradigm around her. She trusts her desires, because she knows that her soul never lies. When she feels scared or weak, she draws her power from within herself and the earth, and then she RUNS toward her fear. She faces fear when it stands in the way of her divine mission because she knows that this is where her next level of impact await her.

A wild woman is emotionally free and financially free. No one can tell a wild woman what to do or where to go (not even family). She knows that she is her own compass in life and that her soul path is something that only she can truly understand.

A wild woman never fails because she knows that nothing is final. The only thing that is eternal is HER SOUL and the fire raging within. She sees where the world is going and why she MUST detour this path back into love. A wild woman LOVES deeply and fiercely. She LOVES herself, her family, her life, her work, her relationships because she knows that no one else can walk this barefoot, messy path in the way that she can.

Wild women will shift the collective, shift the paradigm of this world, and welcome in the New Earth paradise that is available to all of us right now. The world needs the wild woman. Is this you? Let’s come together and smash the old for empowerment of the new.

A wild woman gets scared sometimes, but she always makes the powerful decisions that bring her further along her soul’s path.


Imagine feeling like you are raw, vulnerable, and naked in front of your audience. They now know you entirely. No masks. And yet, instead of feeling scared, you feel more in love with yourself than ever before. You trust yourself more than ever before.

You are magnetizing people from all over the world into your sphere, and you are impacting their lives so deeply that certain members of your audience are HIRING YOU (with much less effort on your part than you are currently accustomed to).

Imagine knowing that YOU create all your sales with your mind and your thought leader work. Imagine knowing exactly how to harness your own energy so that you can intentionally call in your clients with your mind and inspired action steps!

This is a 6-week group program for thought leaders who are born to stand out. Each week is a new chapter of deep-diving into the life of a wild woman. This program aims to bring you back into your personal power by discovering your intuitive gifts, your nature, your paradigm, and clarity around your thought leader movement/impact.

By the end of this program, my goal for you is that you are feeling deeply connected to your personal power and starting to sell out your coaching with intuitive ease. I want you to feel fully free from all rules and expectations that you are putting on yourself, and I want you to trust yourself enough to take the FULLY aligned, inspired, BRAVE actions in your business that will ACTUALLY transition your dreams into reality.

Part 1: Life coaching:

  • Bringing you back to your personal power: this is the state where you stop trying to fix yourself and instead accept all facets of your reality (including yourself) as they are.

  • Changing your life by owning what IS: let life move around YOU rather than trying to shift yourself

  • Diving into your personal gifts/intuitive gifts/psychic gifts- in other words, your mind operates completely differently when you are living in your personal power

  • Healing energy leaks so that your business can thrive, shifting perspective around POWER and what it means to be truly powerful

  • Being okay with discomfort: learning how to differentiate discomfort from “out of alignment”

Part 2: Thought Leader Business Coaching:

  • Seeing your business as an energetic empire that feeds off your own life force energy (your passion, your creativity, your alignment, etc)

  • How to align yourself with your goals in your business so that you are calling in new clients energetically

  • How to align your psychology with signing new clients so that selling becomes natural, easy, and even relatively comfortable

  • Bringing business back to basics so that you can transmute the PRESSURE and the HUSTLE into play, creative expression, easy sales, and soul impact

  • Clarity around your thought leader message and impact, magnetizing your clients who need your influence, sharing your influential message (no more playing it safe in your content/self-expression).

Call Topics:

Chapter One: Wild Woman Unchained

  • Releasing yourself from obligations, taking your power back from others

  • Paradigm work, freeing yourself from the linear paradigm so that you can make room for your new paradigm

  • Creating your own paradigm based on YOUR beliefs around spirituality and world change

  • Shifting your values, which alters your focus and changes how money comes into your life

  • Redefining what “success” actually means so that you can experience YOUR success

Chapter Two: Wild Woman Free

  • Getting into flow and growing your business by living your best life (outside of work)

  • Letting go, surrendering control, accessing your infinite inner peace by discovering YOUR unique personal power

  • Understanding divine timing and what it really means to surrender to divine timing without delaying your sales/progress

  • Leaning into your emotional experiences so that you can learn and grow from them, using your emotions to align your energy with your goals

  • Developing emotional freedom, which leads to financial freedom (the power to call in swift, aligned, inspired sales)

Chapter Three: Wild Woman Ignited

  • Unlocking your intuitive gifts; discovering your “clairs”

  • Reading energy, connecting with future clients simply by “recognizing” them

  • Cutting out the busy work and tedious research entirely from your business; studying your own intuitive process of human connection/network building

  • How to drastically reduce the amount of busy work in your business; reducing your intuitive sales process down to POTENT action steps (rather than numerous). Get ready to free up HOURS of your time while making more progress than ever before.

  • Resetting and bringing your coaching craft back to basics; the overwhelm ends now. Starting a new chapter of business where you thrive by self-discovery more than strategy

Chapter Four: Wild Woman Expressed

  • Speaking your mind, especially when it scares you the most to do so

  • Clarifying your message as a thought leader so that your work is coming straight from your heart (rather than your logical brain)

  • Eliminating beliefs around authority, patriarchy, and prestige, replacing these old beliefs with unconditional faith in yourself and your message

  • Writing about what you WANT to write, talking about what you WANT to talk about, and refusing to compromise your thought leader message/craft for anyone or anything

  • Confidently, comfortably, and in the most aligned way possible ASK FOR THE SALE. Be heard and SELL in a way that feels like a natural conversation.

  • Overcoming and dancing with your doubts/fears so that you continue to attract people into your business

  • Eliminating content overload and overwhelm, moving past the temptation to overthink your message- remember that POTENCY is key here

  • Learning how to channel your own wisdom, creating from inspiration rather than pressure (this is the content that sells naturally)

Chapter Five: Wild Woman Fierce

  • Making decisions with potency, choosing your focus and staying true to your decisions

  • How to create multiple sales with your mind (yep, you heard me right)- empowering you to become the catalyst for your own sales; seeing how your sales come from YOU and your consciousness

  • Channeling the most potent action steps for yourself using your gifts and how to trust those action steps so that you are connecting with your DREAM clients

  • How to take aligned, inspired action in the face of fear/discomfort; working through your fears and facing them

  • Rising from the ashes: how to use your darkest hour as fuel for new levels of success

  • The difference between choosing to sell and hoping to sell; the wild woman in you KNOWS she can sell in the most natural, sacred way

Chapter Six: Wild Woman Eternal

  • Coming back to your nature (eternity and infinity), remembering that you are a soul in a human body

  • Coming back to the realization that you CHOSE this life and this path before you incarnated and how to trust this path (your desires are guiding you, so it’s NATURAL to receive what you want)

  • How to use your personal power to co-create in flow so that you no longer feel the need to be in control all the time; finally welcome in some relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-trust to both life and business

  • Knowing and embodying the fact that you can never actually choose “wrong,” realizing how you cannot actually fail or mess up; this gives you the bravery to act on ALL inspiration in a way that carries potency (and as a result, SALES with your dream clients)

  • Envisioning the long-term of your soul mission and thought leader movement

  • Getting clear on how your soul’s work contributes to waking up the world and bringing in a new chapter of humanity


  • Weekly 60-minute calls with Q&A at end (6 group calls) as well as lifetime access to all recordings

    • Calls will be at 11:30 am est on every Thursday morning for the duration of the program.

  • Shared Wild & Free FB group to come together in our empowering process (lifetime access to this space)

  • Homework reflections and action prompts shared in the group space

  • Live card pulls and intuitive readings in the group space between calls

  • Fire Starter: Voxer access directly to me as needed, especially when you need a quick re-alignment/reminder of your power