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A calling to support soul ascension on this planet…

A calling to birth your unique body of work into the world…

A calling to challenge the paradigms of reality that have become accepted by so many…

And that calling is real.

You feel this intense urge to change lives, to support people in soul growth, to heal, and to inspire. You have felt this calling for a long time. Maybe since you were quite young; you certainly knew that you were different from everyone else.

You never seemed to be able to fit into the world’s rigorously 3D paradigms that strangle and diminish you. You may have even experienced depression, anxiety, or any number of heavy, dense energies along your life path so far.

But something keeps you going.

A dream. A vision. A calling for something more. No matter how heavy you become or how hopeless things may seem, you still see the world for what it COULD be rather than what it is right now.

This part of you is the SAME part of you who used to hug trees, sing songs, and get shamelessly messy when you were younger.

This is the part of you who daydreamed in classes because your mind was singing a different song from the monotonous drum of routine. This is the part of you who dreams of being up on stage, exalted for all to see, inspiring the masses from your pure presence.

Your dream for your life and for the impact that you want your life to have is REAL. Realer than real. And it’s urgent.

You know though, don’t you?

You feel the collective waking up like never before; it runs through your veins. You feel like you are going a little crazy because the light codes happening on this planet right now are stirring up your soul. You know that now is your time unlike any other.

It’s time to make your DREAM for your life one of the world’s most memorable masterpieces.

This is where I come in.

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I am Quinn Downie. I am an intuitive guide and soul success coach for empaths who have a calling to impact the world. I offer both life coaching and intuitive business coaching.

In my life coaching, I use a combination of intuitive energy work and counselling skills to support empaths in understanding what it means to be a sensitive being and how they can better manage their emotions for self-empowerment in life.

In my business coaching, I use my consulting skills and expertise in energetic business practices to help my empathic clients in growing their own body of work in the online space, attracting dream clients to their work, and influencing human ascension in their own unique way.

My main areas of expertise are:

  • intuition & magnetism, client attraction

  • energy healing/counselling, emotional healing

  • communication and writing, creating a unique body of work

In only two years of business, I have helped empaths from around the world to tap into their natural intuitive power for increased magnetism and increased clarity behind their influence. My guidance helps my clients to birth their unique body of work into the online world so that they can truly answer their callings, reach their people, and find their path.

I have been where you are. I remember what it feels like to have an intense dream for your life, your business, and the world at large. I also remember how difficult it was to imagine how my calling would ever be fulfilled. That is, until I decided to start taking some inspired risks.

Instead of staying in my mundane, slow, secure lifestyle, I decided to risk everything that I had in order to learn the skills that I needed to be the thought leader that I am today.

Building my skill set started with 9 years of university education for counselling psychology, then progressed into learning basic online business strategy, then intuitive business strategy, magnetic body alignment work, energy work, and healing work. I even traveled across the world to Bali, Indonesia in order to perfect my craft, learning the various tools that I use today and understanding my natural healing gifts.

I have supported clients from around the world to accomplish new heights in their energetic frequencies, and as a result, accomplish DREAM manifestations in their life and business including:

  • Earning more income in 3-4 months than they were used to making in 3-4 YEARS,

  • Calling in clients who CLICK with their unique body of work using their energy more than strategy,

  • Healing YEARS of intense trauma and transmuting their deepest wounds into their deepest power,

  • Unlocking financial abundance all around them

  • Creating their unique body of work and having a ripple effect of signature impact on the people who need their work the most,

And much, much more.

(check out my incredible testimonials from my past clients)

My mission is to awaken & activate thought leaders and sensitive entrepreneurs like you to your intuitive power, your co-creative magnetism as well as the gifts that live in your empathic sensitivity. This work is important in this changing world that we live in because we need thought leaders who bring new paradigms of being into the world.

Now more than ever, we can collectively feel that it’s time for CHANGE. I am here to help you to create your own soul-aligned impact through your unique body of work.

I am here to remind you that all the keys to your success live within you. Nothing outside of you is limiting you. Success is an inside game.

You are made for this. You just have to see the truth of all that you are. I am here to help.

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6 months of 1:1 intuitive success coaching & energy work

Intentions and Core Goal:

This program is designed to support you in co-creating your reality by tapping into your deep source of natural power within. We are going to be laying out your grand vision for your life and then setting you up so that you are in full alignment with this vision.

Before we dive into the content of this program, you and I will have a “dream lining call” to set the stage for the next 6 months. We will be setting your goals for what you want to co-create before diving into the support that makes it happen.

The whole point of this program is to co-create and manifest your DREAMS using your own internal source of power (your intuition, your co-creative skills, and your sensitivity)

This program is a VIP-level investment because we are digging DEEP in your soul power, your heart’s vision, and your ultimate natural gifts that you are here to share with the world. This program is for you because you know that you have an intuitive calling, but you might be feeling lost about how to bring this into physical being.

You are tired of feeling like you need to hustle like a masculine-energy machine in order to achieve your dreams.

You know that this mission is supposed to be done YOUR way and with pure love, yet you don’t even know where to get started.

A part of you knows that you have everything you need, but it can be challenging to connect with that soul-deep truth when you have been conditioned in so many self-denying ways.

I know this feeling because I was where you are too. The more I laboured after my dreams, the farther they seemed to be outside of my reach. My clients have been in the same place too when they first started working with me. Through deep self-discovery and the enhancement of their own unique strengths, they have been able to start paving the path to their DREAM life and business.

What once seemed impossible is now their daily reality because they were deeply committed to the energy work that makes change happen.

Together, you and I will be creating your own soul success based on energy work and honouring your unique strengths, gifts, and impact. Success comes from within, and this program is designed to empower you in this way.

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We kick off our work together by tuning you as the clear channel that you naturally are. This starts by venturing into your gifts in depth so that you are more clear than ever on how you receive intuitive information, how to listen for prompts from Source, how to tune into your own inner “radio tower” of unlimited wisdom.

As you clear up your channel from static noise and self-doubt by bringing conscious awareness to your intuitive system, you will be able to live channel your message to your audience. This means potent marketing in all creative forms that inspires and moves the masses. This is where you become a channel for pure truth and magnetic inspiration. As a result, your confidence grows, which makes you impossible to ignore. You are starting to be seen and heard as the divine thought leader that you are.

Core Areas of Focus:

  • On-the-spot intuitive exercises/readings with confidence

  • Delving into the “clairs” behind your intuition; decoding your intuitive system so that you are consciously aware of what is coming through at all times

  • Learning to access and trust your downloads, especially the “way out there” ones that scare you to express

  • Developing the confidence to share your live channeling online through live streams and private conversations; no bars held: your intuition fully unleashed and fully trusted

  • Connecting you intimately with your intuitive system; eliminating fears around acting on your spiritual downloads, sharing your insight freely and without regret

  • Clearing your system of static noise, self-doubt, guilt, shame, and any other blockages so that you can receive clearly from your own intuition.

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The second part of this program moves into your purpose and message as a thought leader. What do you want to SAY more than anything in the world? How do you want to truly self-express? What do you want to be known for; what do you want to go down in history/herstory for? Our focus is now onto the clarity that you are CRAVING to have behind your mission, message, and potent purpose as a leader.

Core Areas of Focus:

  • How to share your gifts and intuitive insight with the masses in a way that fulfills your larger mission

  • Zooming WAY out on your business to set the stage for your grand vision; what do you want to contribute to the world?

  • You are here to raise human consciousness to a new level; you are contributing to the collective transformation of heaven on earth, so how do you want to do this?

  • Activating your creativity so that you can create programs and offerings that fulfill your purpose

  • Cultivating a sense of divine urgency behind your mission and message; igniting your passion behind your purpose so that you feel motivated to keep pursuing your dreams

  • Shifting your energy into passion, confidence, and conviction so that your impact is FELT by your audience

  • Clarity behind who your work is here to help and how to speak to their souls through authentic human connection

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As we move on in our work together, we now dive into the power of magnetic intention-setting. This is the exact custom process that will allow you to manifest anything that you set your mind toward. You are going to be harnessing your co-creative abilities in life and business to call in clients as well as anything else you desire for your life. This process often feels like magic when you access that “sweet spot” of surrender and inspired action. This is the energetic state that will allow you to run your business from a state of calm trust. You are going to be developing a deep sense of trust in both yourself primarily, and then the universe as your galactic backbone. Believe me when I say this: do NOT take this part of our work together lightly; this co-creative work will call ANYTHING into being that you truly desire (it is literally how I co-created $32K in sales— mostly in cash— within the first 4 months of launching my own coaching business and also how I have manifested my other five-figure months).

Core Areas of Focus:

  • Setting aligned intentions through the art of co-creative FEELING; cultivating certainty and faith in these visions for what you are calling

  • Accessing mental clarity and serenity so that you can receive the inspired action steps that will take you to your vision

  • Understanding how to access your natural magnetism through stillness

  • Distinguishing between inspired actions and pushed actions; only acting on divine inspiration, no matter how strong you feel the urge to push your actions

  • Living your daily life with present moment awareness and grounded mindfulness; this is your power zone where you will carry potency in everything that you do

  • Grasping and integrating the concept that you are ALWAYS magnetizing clients and opportunities into your field, especially when you are lost in play and flow

  • How to turn off the hectic mind so that you can settle into trust of the present moment.

  • Forgetting the whole concept of “chance” or “luck”; shifting from the paradigm of “things happen TO me” to “things happen FOR me, and I get to co-create the outcomes that I wish to see”

  • Becoming the DREAMER of your DREAM: setting the stage for what you wish to experience and then birthing that vision into existence

  • Developing confidence and conviction in your dreaming abilities: knowing, feeling, and BEING your dream for what you wish to see, and then WATCHING it materialize with amazement

  • Creating the fabric for your future by deepening your roots into FEELING the present; feel baby, FEEL

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As you begin to work on your manifesting abilities and accessing you co-creative power, it becomes increasingly important to be clear on which paradigms you are operating from. As a thought leader, you are always setting the stage for new paradigms of being. This means that now, you and I are going to be getting clear on the paradigms that you want to create and which ones you brain is currently operating from. Our focus moves to your belief systems and how to shift them into higher vibrational levels of focus. This empowers you to do the same for your own clients and audience.

Core Areas of Focus:

  • Getting clear on your beliefs around world change and how this change is possible

  • Identifying your place in the world and how your work specifically uplifts collective human consciousness

  • Deepening your understanding of why it is important to shine as a fully visible, full-integrity thought leader

  • Exploring the concept of integrity and what it means for YOU to be in full integrity; leading by example and practicing what you preach

  • Clarifying which new paradigms of being you want to bring into the world and how you want to start shifting into these paradigms in your own personal life

  • Value work: understanding your core values and principles behind your work and your existence, decoding your soul’s desires behind how it wants you to LIVE and then following through on these desires

  • Feeding your soul with what it craves most, designing a new lifestyle that addresses your soul cravings

  • Living, breathing, and BEing the movement that you want to create; it all starts with you, baby

Dream part 5.png

It is perfect timing to go into embodiment. Now that we have worked with your mind and aligned your intentions with your goals, it is time to bring your empowerment into the remaining chakras (aka your BODY). At this stage in the program, we are bringing the mind/body/soul trinity together in harmony by dropping your awareness down deep into your body. This is the stage in our work together where I bring in my healing gifts, my energy work, and my activation potential. We transition from KNOWING to FEELING the work that we have been doing together. This stage can bring up a lot of old trauma and stale fears that you THOUGHT were “dealt with,” so get ready to experience some intense feelings. However, I am here to safely guide you through the process so that you can clear your body of old programming and step into deep cellular activation. This stage brings your magnetism into a new level of depth and effectiveness. You will also be empowered to access the ancient wisdom within your body that your mind alone cannot access. Together, we deepen your connection with your intuition.

Core Areas of Focus:

  • Activating your core and lower energy centers through breath work and guided meditation

  • Learning what it means to FEEL your intuition, leading with the body and allowing the mind to support the body’s insight

  • Accessing the ancient wisdom and coding that lives in your body, accessing past life memories/trauma and working with this energy

  • Clearing old programs and old trauma stored in your cells through movement, dance, shaking, and deeply witnessing the feelings that come up around certain triggers

  • Beginning to feel safe in your own body again, processing the rage and sadness that lives within your vessel, witnessing what your body is calling you to see/feel, entering a loving dialogue with your body, soothing your sympathetic nervous system

  • Honouring your body’s deeply felt needs, allowing your body to tell you what you need in each moment, accessing the support that you need in each moment regardless of what external pressure is trying to tell you to do

  • Celebrating yourself as a whole divine being. As your mind/body/soul trinity comes into synchronistic unity, you begin to FEEL yourself

  • Feeling yourself so that you can feel others and others can feel you

  • Sharing yourself with the world from deeply felt self-love, self-acceptance, and self-trust

  • Owning the power that lives in your body and how this surge of infinite power interacts with your mind AND connects you with your soul

Dream part 6.png

You are feeling so empowered by this point. Your mind/body/soul trinity is beginning to work like a unified system (it’s most natural state), and as you come into your nature, you also come into your power. You are so empowered that you probably cannot imagine a deeper level of empowerment. Well, it only gets better from here. Now, we are going into transmutation; in other words, your ability to transform your deepest, most core wounding into your brightest ray of light. You are now ready for your most intense level of impact, which comes from working with your deepest darkness and turning this deep darkness into your deepest LIGHT. From here, you will be able to access a lightness of being that you have never felt before.

Core Areas of Focus:

  • Identifying your core wounding and the story-telling that lives there on repeat; freeing yourself from the story that lives here

  • Using the body and the feelings to face the fears and pain behind the core wounding so that you can then SHIFT this density into love, faith, and passionate motivation toward your purpose

  • Seeing the emergence behind every challenge along your path, gathering strength from resistance

  • Releasing yourself from early memories of self-dissonance (aka the moments where you first learned that it was not safe to be who you are) and transmuting this energy into deep self-reverence. From here, you are channeling your enlightenment into the work that you do with your clients in order to create heightened levels of potency in your energetic containers (your offerings)

  • Noticing moments of heaviness/density in your being and getting used to transforming these feelings into lighter states of being such as innate safety, self-created security, natural conviction, effortless confidence, and unconditional self-trust

  • Deepening your awareness of the truth that you are here to share as a thought leader by learning from your own deepest fears; transmuting your own pain into clarity behind what your clients NEED from you more than anything in the world

  • Deepening your connection and empathy with your clients by finding the light in your shared darkness; becoming the beacon of light for your clients

  • Freeing yourself from the chains of old wounding and accessing a lightness of being in your mind/body/soul that allows you to ENJOY your life in each moment; feeling like you could FLY with how much lighter and freer you feel

Dream part 7.png

This is the moment that you have probably been waiting for. Soul Success. We are diving into how you are going to create the sales, the exaltation, the influence, and the results that you truly want. Now that we have gone so deep with the inner work, you will likely find that your desires have changed since you started this program. Now, you can co-create your success as an expert thought leader, influencer, healer, intuitive guide, soul coach, and visionary mind. By now, you have probably called in some clients and manifested some incredible changes in your life anyway, but now we are going deeper with the success piece. Now, we are defining how you create your success from soul, intuition, and mind/body/soul integrity. It’s time to birth your creative strategy for your unique body of work as a thought leader. It is time to rise sister, rise.

Core Areas of Focus:

  • Living as a tuned-in being; listening and receiving insight for your creations from this razor sharp clarity that we have created together at this point

  • Creating your offerings from VISIONS that you receive, allowing the prompts to come to you before taking action

  • Choosing your core platforms as a thought leader based on your unique energetic makeup and desires, selecting platforms for your work that fully support the frequency of that vision

  • Stringing together your platforms in a creative strategy that tells a story/guides your clients through a flowing experience (and that experience is YOU)

  • Organizing inspired ideas into your custom strategy, aligning your platforms with your vision and your goals

  • Desire mapping: getting clear on what your clients desire through channeling (not overthinking); this allows you to execute on your inspired ideas in a way that creates irresistible offerings in the right moment

  • Connecting with the energetic match for your offerings (aka clients who CLICK with your creations) so that your content and copy work WITH your intensely magnetic energy

  • Authentic human connection: reaching your soulmate clients by deepening your relationships with them; deepening all other relationships in your life so that you can extend this connective energy into your business as well

Dream part 8.png

We are about to go deeper with your success by ramping up your attraction power. We are doing this by deepening your awareness of your nature and your place in the world as a thought leader on the rise. The final focus for our program is on deepening your natural magnetism and becoming unapologetically true to who you are.

Core Areas of Focus:

  • Feeling into your natural magnetism from your fully empowered state, stilling your mind/body/soul so that you can FEEL your own magnetic field

  • Bringing everything together in full integrity, expanding your magnetic field by connecting to yourself, feeling yourself, and sharing from this potent place

  • Attracting financial abundance through radical self-trust, facing your fears, and eliminating the time that you give to your worries/doubts

  • Allowing more pleasure to flow through you, enjoying your life, allowing yourself to receive all of life’s greatest gifts

  • Becoming the potent vessel for life force energy that you are; letting life be LIVED through you; letting divinity be experienced through you

  • Entering the divine dance between masculine/feminine, expansion/contraction, trusting/acting, listening/speaking that becomes your most magnetic state (aka serenity)

  • Grounding your intentions and setting personal boundaries

  • Creating an ongoing spiritual practice to carry forward with you so that our work together is fully integrated and continually grown on afterwards

  • Remaining true to yourself and to the work that we have done together so that you become rooted in integrity, truth, and clarity

Dream part 9.png

This brings us to our final session together. This is one of the most crucial pieces of our work in this container. The intention for this final session is to complete the Dream container with clarity behind what you have created for yourself and how to carry this blueprint of being, teaching, and playing into your future. Together, we are setting the stage for sustaining the success that you have created in our 6 months together and how to keep evolving toward your ultimate dreams.

Core Areas of Focus:

  • Reflecting on shifts, changes, manifestations, and dreams that have come true since starting the program

  • Looking at how these results were created, what this energy felt like, and the level of dedication that went into creating these results

  • Creating a sustainable integration and application plan so that, going forward on your own, you continue to grow from this integrated place

  • Setting next steps and visions for your future goals going forward

  • Clarifying your key areas of resistance and how to plan for this resistance so that you can continue to work through your doubts, fears, and dense energies

Dream possibilities.png

My past clients have unlocked some massive results in our joint containers. As you read these testimonials, I want you to let your imagination run wild. Imagine what is possible for YOU when you invest in your own soul growth like this. Imagine what is going to get unlocked when you take this fearless step forward into your grand vision.

My clients have made more income in our 3-4 months together than they were used to earning in 3-4 YEARS. My clients have become magnets for their own PERFECT clients at the PERFECT moments just from deepening their connection and trust with themselves and the power that naturally runs through them.

All of my clients have experienced quantum leaps in abundance since beginning their work with me; these leaps are all relative to where my clients were in their stages of growth when we first began our work together. However, it is indisputable that massive increases in abundance, clarity, and confidence abounded as we went deeper and deeper in our work together.

My clients have also experienced intense internal transformations, including the moderation of mental illness symptoms and addiction, healing strained relationships with family members, making peace with past trauma, jumping out of comfort zones with less hesitation than they imagined, and putting an end to a lifetime of victimized living. Imagine what YOU could do in your own life and business with these kinds of transformations.

Hear about these experiences straight from my soulmate clients:


“I found Quinn on a post with thousands of comments that I was scrolling, and she instantly stood out to me. Even through the tiny bubble of a profile picture, she shone with so much sincerity and inner beauty and I knew she was so different than the other coaches in the online space.

As I began to follow her, and then eventually work with her, she proved all of that to be right.

Quinn is nothing like the average coach that you see popping up on your news feed. She isn't just about the money, or the follower count, or any of the those things. She is a prime example of what the world needs to change...

She helped me shed layers of myself that weren't needed any longer. She showed me that being myself is the only thing that NEEDS to be done in business. She taught me that what I have to say is needed, wanted, and further proved what I have thought to be true on the change this earth is going towards, and how businesses are shifting into a different paradigm.

She isn't just a coach, she is a world changer. One of the most unique and confidently herself woman that I know, and has become one of my very best friends.

If you give her a chance to be in your life, I PROMISE you, that she will help your soul shine like never before.
Love my Quinn”

Denisse Candelario- Mystic Soul Coach, Inner Peace Guide, and Paradigm Alchemist


“This is what has happened to me since my mentorship began with Quinn Downie:

My bipolar disorder, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms have become completely manageable.

In May I was completely hopeless and totally unsure of who I was as a person or how to heal myself. She didn’t hand me the answers, but she held a space for me to learn to grow, believe in myself, love myself, and truly accept my gifts. This was exactly what I needed.

I have been opened up to my gifts and stopped hiding from them. She helped me discover which of my Intuitive Gifts were the strongest, and how to listen to them above all else. That lead to some intense shifts and rapid growth that I could barely keep up with. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, but in the darkest times I found what my soul needed and what my other gifts were that I had been hiding inside of me for so long.

From recognizing my Intuitive Gifts, I have so many of these other added benefits that weren’t even part of the program! They naturally came as a part of it. Now I allow spirits to contact me whenever they want to and whenever I allow them to instead of hiding from them. I’ve learned that I can naturally interpret dreams and recognize omens/signs everywhere. I’ve learned to heal my inner child (or at least start to because she has been through A LOT).

I’ve learned about true sisterhood

About living through love instead of constant fear

That a best friend can be your most valuable teacher

That I am powerful and more than enough. That I am gifted and meant to share those gifts with others so that they too can heal and shed the patriarchal nonsense that holds us down and limits us in nearly every possible way. That I am also a valuable teacher.

But honestly, thank you for teaching me how to save myself. I would probably still be completely miserable, unaligned, and completely cut off from my Inner Tori if we hadn’t taken this step together.

I love you so much.”

Tori Franks- Spiritual medium, poetic writer, stage actress and singer

Dream specifics.png

6 months of private, VIP coaching

$9999 USD

Payment plan: 6 payments of $1888 USD


This is what your investment includes

Everything you dream of begins here…

  • 24 60-minute 1:1 deep-dive, soul-activating & clarity-facilitating sessions with Quinn

  • Guided meditations crafted specifically for you and your frequency shifts uploaded to our shared Google drive

  • Recordings of all sessions with lifetime access for your reference

  • Shared Google drive for all recordings, resources, and session notes

  • Unlimited Voxer access from Monday-Friday 11am-7pm est


“Quinn has simply changed my paradigm about making sales, driving my business and living my life.

Her methodology for manifesting results by living the magic of tuning into my intuition and taking inspired action has led me to sign two 1:1 clients, double up my prices and opened endless opportunities for potential clients not only for my 1:1 program but for group sessions and other variety of services.

I signed my 2 clients by literally just asking the universe and being mesmerized with the amount of synchronicities that lined up for me. No long work hours, forced sales call and tedious efforts.

While I am still on my path to achieve my vision, I feel the ball is rolling, and I feel I have the inner power and wisdom to make it happen, without the shadow of a doubt.

Working with Quinn is much more than individual sessions, she has an extraordinary set up for continuous support and she is really generous and fun too!

One of the best investments I’ve done so far.”

Cristina de la Fuente- Intuitive Transformation Guide & Leading Edge Success Coach


“Quinn is a healer for the mind, a therapist for the intuitive empath. A year prior I did my yoga teacher training, looking to deepen my practice and bring healing to the mind, body and spirit. While there was definitely a benefit in all 3 areas, the deepest healing was the physical. In the end my mind was still against me and I couldn't even comprehend the impact it was having in my well-being. The cognitive dissonance was real. 

Then I stumbled into Quinn's group, I was brand new to the concept of life coaching but there was something special about Quinn's message that reached deep inside of me and told me that I had no choice but to hire her. It felt like life or death at this point, my spirit was exhausted from living a life that was out of alignment with who I was.

While my mentorship with Quinn only lasted 3 months, it took almost a year for me to unpack all of the baggage that had been dragging me down for so long (and still ongoing). In a way Quinn saved me from myself, she shined a light on the limiting mindsets that were holding me back from living and expressing my truth.

From the moment I connected with Quinn it was like reuniting with a long lost soul sister. As if I had finally found a missing piece to myself, someone who understood me at the deepest level. That alone was incredibly healing. Then she began to work her magic, reminding me of my own power and wisdom that society had tried to stomp out of me. Using her powerful intuition to root out karmic patterns that are generations old. She showed me that it was possible to live the magical life that I so desperately craved, I just needed to release anything that told me otherwise.

Quinn was a catalyst for unprecedented growth, it was painful and dark but the results were exponential in anything I would of been able to accomplish alone, leaving me feeling lighter and full of life, falling in love with myself again. All areas of my life have flourished since Quinn entered my life, I learned to have healthy boundaries with myself and others, my relationship to myself has deepened immensely which has positively impacted all my other relationships.

I can once again connect intimately to the soul's of other people, where before I had closed myself off in a form of self defense. I have began to live a life full of passion with way less compromise on my core values. I know who I am again and feel confident in my own skin in a way I haven't for almost a decade. I could go on and on about how Quinn's teachings have changed my reality, my whole world, but instead I will finish off by saying, from the bottom of my heart, I am eternally grateful for Quinn shining her light in this world.”

Amy Quist- Intuitive Life Coach & Yoga Instructor


Dreamer of dream.png

I am here to remind you that your reality is an interaction between your beliefs, your energy, and your intentions combined with your external reality. This means that life in general is one big, interactive DREAM that you have chosen to commit to on a soul level. Even though none of us remember signing this contract, we did. We wrote the rules, the coding, the experiences, and the lessons ahead of time as souls before coming to this earth.

You can remember how to be the lucid dreamer of this life

Although we do not remember the exact moment that we decided to live this earth-bound life, we CAN remember certain elements of our soul contract using our intuition.

Your intuition and heart-centered desires plug you into the hints and nudges coming from your soul. It also helps to have a channel who can read the coding of your soul and who can be a mirror for your deepest, truest desires. The more that you learn how to access this inner guidance system, even in the face of fear and wounding, the more that life becomes a co-creative experience. Your life becomes a reflection of your essence rather than something happening to you.

You know you are made for something more. You know you are ready to follow your calling and to co-create the life of your dreams.

It is time to remember that you are the dreamer of this dream.


“Quinn is a powerhouse coach who has changed my life. She is someone who can make you laugh, make you think, and make you believe in yourself and your gifts more than you ever have before.

In this world full of coaches and gurus, Quinn shines a light of genuine soul sister connection and respect. Quinn helped me shift from a overwhelmed and underestimated mom trying to get it all together into a self assured, supported, and confident coach.

I highly recommend working with Quinn if you are seeking to enhance your own natural gifts and powers without burning out or selling out. She will blow your mind and remind your soul who you truly are - a queen, goddess, and above all a powerful and sacred soul.”

Daphna Romanoff- Astrological Life & Business Coach

Sign up for your journey now.

This is the program that your soul has been waiting to discover; this is how you begin to turn your dreams into a reality. This is how you become the dreamer of your dream. It’s all a projection designed for you, and it all falls into place as soon as you learn how to play the game with the gifts that you have been given.

Schedule a call with me if you want to talk more about this program or get to know me better.