Module 1:Letting Go

This is where the freedom lifestyle truly begins. You have to choose to let go of control. Until you let go, it will always be a struggle for you to receive your desires. You think that having control is safety, because that is what your fear mind tells you. In all truth, the more you try to control, plan, and force things to go together, the more you experience struggle in your physical reality.

It is safe to surrender. This is my favourite word, because it has nothing to do with being lazy. Even though you are letting go, you are still accepting full responsibility for yourself, and you are taking action based on your inspiration. You will be pleasantly surprised by how little action you really need to take. Success is mostly about receiving, so the relationship that you have with your own mind is paramount. We always rush in to take action when we want to make something happen, but your action-taking is actually the FINAL step. First, you have to create a rock solid foundation within your internal reality, and this is only possible by letting go. 

Life when you feel like you need control

  • You are constantly busy. This stems from believing that the quicker you act, the sooner you will reap the rewards. However, you have likely been working hard all your life so far, and what has the pay-off been so far? Is it worth the hard work? We often put MORE work in and receive LESS when we feel the need to always be in control.
  • You are feeling stress and anxiety every day. How could you not? You believe that you are in charge of controlling everything in your life and that EVERYTHING needs to follow your blueprint of what you THINK you want. This is creating a lot of excess pressure in your life that you just do not need.
  • You are hard on yourself and on others
  • Nothing you try seems to work the way you want it to
  • Everyone else seems to have what you want, and you begin to feel like something is wrong with you.
  • You need an answer/solution QUICKLY - trusting in the flow of the universe just doesn't feel possible right now. Trusting feels impossible.


My Freedom Lifestyle:

  • I am hardly ever busy, and when I am busy, I am doing things that I enjoy anyway, so it doesn't feel the same as "busy." I am amazed that I am able to receive so much success just from working 5-10 hours a week. I allow my clients to be attracted into my sphere by speaking my raw, vulnerable truth and being my naturally quirky self. I keep everything simple, so stress just doesn't happen anymore.
  • I experience very little anxiety compared to what I am used to. Does it happen sometimes? Sure! But I know how to handle my anxiety now, and it has become a part of the healthy balance that is my life. This started to take hold as a result of letting go, because now I can trust that everything is always working for the highest good.
  • I am ridiculously patient with myself and with others, because I am able to see the higher perspective in any given moment.
  • Every inspired action that I take leads to more success and more receiving
  • I celebrate ALL success in all forms, no longer being bothered by what other people are doing/saying.
  • I know that each answer will reveal itself one step at a time through my intuitive mind. This requires trust, and this was scary at first, but now, I see how there really is NO other option. Self-trust is a part of nature.


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