Intuition: the Psychology of Success

Let's Talk about Intuition . . .

I know you have heard all the buzz around intuitive coaching, and you're curious. Whether you want to admit it or not, you KNOW that you're intuitive (all human beings are by the way), but how could your "gut feeling" lead to MORE sales with LESS work? These intuitive coaches must be lying!

Well, this is an actual intuitive mentor telling REAL stories. By the end of this blog post, you will be ready to explore YOUR intuition, even if it scares you shitless. 

So first of all, what is intuition?

Let me start by saying that intuition is SO MUCH MORE than a "feeling." It is an intricate system of energetic downloads that filter through your mind AND body!! The gut feeling that you experience hardly even scratches the surface of what intuition truly is!

And I get it! I always knew that I was intuitive, but it wasn't until I worked with my own intuitive mentor that I discovered the depths of my intuition. My gifts astounded me! But I didn't get what was actually happening until I explored these gifts more and more and more over the past 7 months.

So here is a break-down of what intuition IS:

  • You have your soul essence (YOU), which uses your brain as a conduit in this physical reality (stick with me)
  • So there is a part of your mind that interacts with your soul essence effortlessly and directly. However, your brain is ALSO wired for physical survival, which is where fear is born. As humans in this modern, hectic world, we tend to cling to the survival/fear mind. 
  • All things in the universe are connected. ALL things, including people. This means that you are already connected to your soulmate clients, but as long as you are in your fear mind, you can't feel your soulmate client's energy, and THIS is why you think you need thousands of followers and subscribers to hit your sales goals (NOT true at ALL).
  • Your intuitive mind is the part of your mind that is connected to your desires, to your soulmate clients, and to your soul essence. This is where ALL your power lives within you. This is where empowerment is born.

The intuitive mind operates COMPLETELY differently from your fear mind.

Your fear mind is clumsy, rigid, inflexible, nervous, hesitant, and DRENCHED in self-doubt. This makes success difficult (not impossible, but difficult). It is the fear mind that keeps you in the cycle of HARD WORK, burn-out, and business activities that you secretly hate. How many coaches in the industry are making 5-figure months, but they are FRANTIC, exhausted, and overworking themselves into the ground?! 

So your fear mind WORKS. You will stay safe, and you might even hit your goals, but you are working 1000 x more than you need to work for the same results. You try to decode the path to your goals, so you overthink and over deliver at ever corner! This means your marketing is rigid and pre-planned, you are taking safe cookie-cutter approaches to your sales goals, you are signing clients whom you don't ACTUALLY want to work with, you are getting on sales calls 8 hours a day (and hearing objections constantly), and you are desperate to make your investments back NOW, forgetting why you love coaching so much in the first place anyway.


Let's look at your INTUITIVE mind. You are less familiar with this brain function, because you don't use it (and neither does your previous mentor). This is NOT your fault or hers; this world teaches us to silence this part of our mind and stay STUCK in rigid, predictable fear-motivated activities.

THIS part of your mind (your intuition) knows that, in order to spark a change in this world, you must be willing to LET GO. You know that the divine flow of the universe is where all your desires live (and the steps to get to them). This is the part of your mind that is able to string together 100 different strands of knowledge and make complex logical connections in an INSTANT. This is how your mind works FOR you as a creative tool rather than as an inner voice for you to struggle against. This is the part of your mind that you feel when you centre yourself. Do it right now: take a deep, delicious breath, focus on the space between your thoughts, and you will FEEL your intuitive mind.

That bliss and clarity are everything. In fact, your mental clarity (the opposite of the worrying that you THINK is helping you) is where your most powerful, inspired ideas come in. THESE are the ideas that lead to inspired live streams and posts that sign soulmate clients ON THE SPOT. The sky is truly the limit when you access this part of your mind.

When you tap into this part of you, it becomes clear how you actually can do NO wrong in this life, so you release yourself from your safety net, and you run toward the fear. As we all know deep down, everything we desire out of life is on the OTHER SIDE of fear, so running toward it is EXACTLY what needs to be done. This becomes a whole lot easier when you see your inner brilliance and source of empowerment.

The most exciting part of intuition is the fact that it operates differently for everyone. So this means that YOUR gifts are different from mine, and MY gifts are different from my clients. The way that our intuitive mind delivers information into our awareness differs, and understanding how it works for you is EXACTLY how you start to own your power.

When you nurture that intuitive part of your mind and then dive ALL IN (no hesitation), this is what is possible for you and your spiritual coaching business (these are my clients' results):

  • $10K in sales THE DAY AFTER our first call and $23K in sales during our third week together (my program is 3 months long).
  • ONE CLIENT at $15K after one call with me
  • Doubled prices and then having the client ASK for the pay-in-full sale (again, after one call)
  • Making more income in 3 months than the previous 2 YEARS (even after working with a top-level mentor before working with me)
  • Landing your DREAM apartment AND being able to afford it as soon as it enters your life

The best part of all of this is that my clients nailed their goals by doing LESS work and MORE self-trust. This is because they understand how to dive all-in to their spiritual paradigm (their new reality that conflicts with the fear-based reality of our world). My clients also know how to LET GO and flow to their dream clients. They know what makes them so brilliant, so they no longer over deliver or overwork.

The reason why you can work LESS with your intuitive mind is that you free yourself from doing a thousand tasks all at once, and instead, you take direct, potent, and often scary/uncomfortable action. But when you narrow your focus down to what you came here to do as a soul in a human body as well as the gifts that make this all possible, you see how signing a client from ONE live stream WHILE ON VACATION is 100% possible (in fact, I did this last month)!!

So your fear mind says: work HARDER, DO MORE, and eventually it will pay off (it has to, right?)

Your intuitive mind says: let go, slow down, trust your ideas, trust your power, make your goals NON-NEGOTIABLE, and then act from a space of mental clarity. This is MUCH more strategic and resourceful than just relying on "hard work."

The overworking mentality is that, the more you DO, the more you earn. But you're doing EVERYTHING that you believe you should be doing, and you're even putting in 14 hour days (I have been there too, lady); are you making the sales you want to be making? AND even if you ARE (because you're a bad ass and you make shit happen), are you HAPPY?! 

My coaching is MORE than just business coaching. I also help my clients to LOVE their lives by falling in love with their soul!! Are you IN LOVE with your life? Are you OBSESSED with your soul and what you know is possible for yourself?

If not, then it is time to leave the frantic pace of your fear mind and join me in the intuitive world.

This doesn't mean that you now have to light incense in your office every day, start chanting mantras, and build a crystal collection (although you can do all the above if you so desire). Your intuition is spiritual, but it is also psychological. This is your mind working at its best. This is you seeing how you are separate from your mind and therefore you can control how you USE YOUR MIND. You can use your mind as a creative tool to bring yourself swiftly to your desires. You can shift your entire focus RIGHT NOW (it only takes a moment, not years of therapy/mindset work like you have been told).

Your intuitive mind is where your SOUL lives and therefore where all your unique gifts ALSO live, which is WHY you start to see how you are the BEST coach in the entire world for your soulmate clients. Your intuitive mind is also why you can start working LESS while making MORE. Your intuitive mind takes you to your deepest, secret desires, and you better believe that the sky is the only limit.

My life before I cracked the code of my intuitive mind:

  • Signing up for group program after group program so that I could learn how to set up systems and structures with running costs, spending hours on back-end tasks that never resulted in anything tangible for me.
  • Barely making ends meet financially, living in a ghetto apartment surrounded by drugs and prostitutes 
  • Working SUPER HARD in day jobs that I HATED for pittances 
  • Day dreaming about coaching all day every day, longing to leave school and start my own coaching business
  • No clients
  • Super generic marketing and message, NO clue behind what makes me so brilliant.


My life after I cracked the code of my intuitive mind:

  • Invested in a top-level mentor for a scary investment (that I made back before the program ended)
  • Making as much as $11K CASH in a day, leaving our ghetto apartment for a beautiful riverside view, a pool, and a fitness room in a GORGEOUS neighbourhood
  • Working LESS than ever in my life while making MUCH MORE income than what I used to make (charging $10K PER CLIENT), spending more time horseback riding and connecting with my new soulmate bestie than actually WORKING (and still always knowing that my next sale is happening this week).
  • Screw day dreaming! Now, I am coaching soul sister clients and celebrating their results with them! I am no longer in school, and I am a full-time coach with 1:1 AND group clients who are excelling at life the intuitive way
  • SO many clients in such a short time (and I LOVE each and every last one of them)
  • My marketing and message are SO CLEAR- I don't overthink my writing anymore. I replaced cookie cutter marketing for FUN, creative, free-flowing self-expression (and TRUST ME, this is what leads to your soulmate clients asking YOU for the in full). Now that I know how brilliant I am, I don't fear saying certain things. I am free to be ME and to leave my mark on the world. Just by being 100% ME.


Are you still wondering what draws you to intuitive coaching? I get it; you are being called to get in touch with your soul essence and your greatest source of power. A part of you remembers your TRUE, eternal nature, and you KNOW that life is supposed to be BRILLIANT, vibrant, and an experience of FIREWORKS. You are supposed to be crazy about yourself and your existence. You are here to CREATE your reality with your mind and LEAVE YOUR MARK on this world. You are here to shake up the current paradigm of fear and scarcity, but this is hard to do from your fear mind.

However, when you change channels into your intuitive mind, you start to see how your dreams of impacting the world in YOUR unique way (not the cookie cutter, safe way) are within immediate reach. Yes, immediate reach! You don't have to wait until you're more "trained" or more "qualified." You are MADE FOR THIS MISSION; you are here to change this world by doing what ONLY you can do and sharing the insight that ONLY you have.

This is why your intuition is so important. It is more than your spiritual essence, it is ALSO the psychology of YOUR success and your deepest desires. This is when you start to FINALLY love your own life and your own soul.

If you're ready to learn more about my world, join my group of spiritual coaches who are driven to leave their impact on the world too.

And if you're ready to do this deep work and create your own results (like the results that my clients have seen), and if you are ready to go ALL-IN, then you can apply for a no-cost session with me

Love always,


Quinn Downie

Intuitive empowerment mentor for spiritual coaches