Serenity: Healing Guidance for Empaths Awakening

6 weeks of 1:1 life coaching

$737 USD

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”


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Long before I knew anything about being an “empath,” I experienced intense levels of sensitivity. Feeling everything around me, within me, and within others was just a part of my life.

Like many empaths, I learned how to repress my deep well of feelings so that I could have a “functional” life. As a teenager, I was a vibrant ball of light naturally. I was comfortable and confident in my own skin, but due to my intense sensitivity, I was also easily crippled by criticism, personal attacks, and the hopelessness of others. When I was 18, I started university; I was facing an adult world that seemed to promise nothing other than sadness and self-sacrifice.

I went into a state of on-and-off depression that lasted for almost ten years. The more I tried to repress the intense feelings that my body was experiencing, the more anxious I became. The more I tried to deny my nature, the more depressed I became.

Eventually, I became so accustomed to blending in with this world’s darkness that I forgot what it felt like to be truly and deeply connected with myself. I was paying all my bills, working super hard in low-paying day jobs, and maintaining top-of-the-class grades in both undergraduate and graduate university. By external, Western standards, I was doing it all “right.” On the inside, I wanted to disappear. I just wanted to stop existing.

I now understand that these feelings are “normal” for an empath who is living in a state of disempowerment. The desire to numb the body and the brain, disconnection from the body, living in a frenzied brain of endless worries on a loop, unable to get out of bed in the morning for fear of what I would feel, living to please others so that I wouldn’t have to feel their disapproval, etc.

Despite succeeding in all arenas of my life, I was disempowered without even realizing it. I was living to please my parents, my friends, and even strangers who did not know who I was. It was easier to sacrifice myself than to feel the sting of disapproval from others.

Despite the numbing and self-destructive behaviour, I still felt this whisper within me; it was a calling to heal the world. This made no logical sense, and yet, I knew that the whisper was real. It was always there. From the time I was small, this whisper has always been there. The whisper of an empath: “heal yourself so you can heal others.”

The whisper is what kept me moving through suicidal months, abusive relationships, and binge behaviours with drinking, eating, and smoking. The whisper to be a healer for the world kept me moving through intensely challenging coursework in university; I knew that my psychology-focused education was going to be crucial to where I was going. I did not know exactly where I was going, but I knew that I would need this knowledge in order to thrive there.

Then, as if a perfectly wound clock went off, something clicked. It was time to start breaking free from the “perfect prison” that I had designed for myself.

I was done my coursework for my master’s degree in counselling psychology, but I was discovering that I wanted to be more than just another therapist. I wanted to be free to apply my spiritual gifts and teachings into my work with my clients, which is what drew me to become an intuitive success coach. I wanted to help women with VISION and women who, like me, feel an intense calling to contribute to world change. So I knew what I needed to do.

I started my own life coaching business straight out of university; this was a career dream, but it ended up being the start of my own healing journey.

As I met more empaths like me, and as I found more mentors who UNDERSTOOD me, I opened my heart. I opened my soul. Gradually, and then quickly, I learned how to become a fully empowered, embodied empath. My deepest transformation happened in Bali, Indonesia when I went on a 10-day retreat hosted by one of my mentors. It was in the heart of the universe, the womb of the earth that I learned EXACTLY who I am. Not only did I understand my empathic nature from an empowered place, but I also FELT myself for the first time in a decade!

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As empaths, we deny ourselves the pleasure of feeling our own energy. It’s a perfect defense mechanism; your mind/body/soul system is wired to FEEL with more intensity than the average person, so why not shut the whole system down?

My story taught me that the danger of this mechanism is that you numb yourself to joy, fun, play, and to the very ESSENCE that makes you YOU. This is when the psychological diagnoses begin: depression, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, etc. You learn that something is wrong with you or that you are fundamentally broken, which only feeds the misery of your closed heart. You shut down, close up, and begin to fade away.

Your story does not end here. You are an empath for a reason. You are also likely a healer; your sensitivity is your deep connection to Source/spiritual energy, which is actually your greatest strength. You have been taught to see this as your weakness, but I assure you, this is not your weakness.

What is more: you don’t need to submit yourself to years of therapy; your healing capacity means that you can heal YOURSELF by undoing the disconnection that you have forged between YOU and your soul. You have what it takes to open your heart again to first yourself and THEN to the world around you. And what’s even more: it does not need to be a painful struggle. Your healing journey can feel safe, warm, and inviting.

What does it mean to “heal?”

My channeled definition of “healing” is “to return to nature.” Your nature is not only your power, but it is also the state in which you are most receptive to LOVE. The more that you allow love to flow through your mind/body/soul, the more life becomes an experience of pleasant surprises, effortless alignment, and unconditional abundance. To restore yourself and others to your nature means that you are opening up hearts. The sickness of the Western world is that we are closed. It’s not just an empath problem. People in the Western world are generally closed to their hearts and therefore closed to the depth of their nature.

In healing yourself, you heal the world. In empowering yourself, you empower the world.

Are you ready?

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Serenity: 6 weeks of 1:1 life coaching, energy work, and healing


  • 6 bi-weekly calls (60 minutes each)

  • Recordings of all calls with lifetime access

  • Google drive for shared resources

  • Voxer (free walkie talkie app) access between sessions

General Program Plan

With this being a private coaching program, the flow of the sessions will depend on each client’s needs, but here is a general plan for what I have in store for you:

  • Reconnecting with your body by dispersing your consciousness through ALL chakra (energy points) in your body; getting out of the head and into the body.

  • Safely and gradually learning how to feel again: feeling yourself, your essence, and your body

  • Basic mindset work: clearing old stories by shifting psychological perception and then LETTING GO of attachment to these stories

  • Deep guided meditations and breathwork that you can do as often as you need in order to feel grounded, clear, and refreshed in every present moment

  • Learning how to replace worrying with surrender: releasing control and trusting your intuitive instincts instead

  • Authentic human connection and seeing how all human relationships are actually mirrors for your deep self-understanding and self-reverence

Other Benefits of this Healing Work:

  • Openness and receptivity to abundance, which means influx of wealth, opportunities, and key connections with people as needed

  • Confidence in your own healing gifts and tools, which empowers you to share your magic with the people in your life

  • Trust and serenity means more courage to take the “scary” actions along your life path: this means forward progress at last in all areas of your life

  • Deep self-love leads to nourishing fulfilling relationships and the healthy shedding of toxic relationships in your life without the “need” for drama or struggle. This also means that you are empowered to end all abusive relationships that you may currently be holding onto, including jobs/careers that are draining you.

  • Empowerment means that you understand how to make CHOICES, especially the challenging ones, which allows you to co-create your reality with grace. This means more freedom to go/do what you please on YOUR terms.

Does this Program Sound Right for You and Your Needs?

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