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Success Birthed from your Heart and your Truth…

Success was always something that I saw as an external game. Chasing success is something that I am all too familiar with. From the time I was as young as 9 years-old, I have been chasing accolades, approval, grades, and recognition in an attempt to feel “successful.”

It was not until I decided to create my own success path as a spiritual entrepreneur that this view of success was challenged; I started to see how the HARDER I worked, the LESS I received for my efforts.

I started to see how my mental health was being impacted by this success-chasing game and that my portrayal of success needed a serious make-over.

It isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it…

It has taken immense inner work, multiple self-investments, and deep accountability in order to shift my views around success. Today, this is still a work in progress for me, but I have learned how success can be an INNER job. Success can be nourishing and supportive of your mental health.

Success truly can FEEL GOOD. It doesn’t have to mean that you are compromising yourself. Let the self-sacrifice end now.

I signed my 2 clients by literally just asking the universe and being mesmerized with the amount of synchronicities that lined up for me. No long work hours, forced sales call and tedious efforts.
— Cristina de la Fuente - Leading Edge Success Coach

Let’s start the realignment together today…

In one 60-minute session with me, we are going to be looking at how your current views on success are actually making it HARDER to live out your dreams and your calling. By identifying where you are resisting yourself and your truth, we can then begin to shift into a new state of alignment. I will be bringing you back in touch with your heart’s desires and aligning you with your mission so that success becomes your own soul creation.


I highly recommend working with Quinn if you are seeking to enhance your own natural gifts and powers without burning out or selling out. She will blow your mind and remind your soul who you truly are - a queen, goddess, and above all a powerful and sacred soul.
— Daphna Romanoff - Confidence Coach & Modern Astrologer
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  • One 60-minute session with Quinn

  • In-depth soul assessment through Quinn’s channeling gifts: how you are resisting yourself, your truth, and therefore your own success and WHY this is happening

  • Realignment into a new path: redefining success for yourself and guided energy work to shift your vibration into alignment with your soul’s success

  • New action steps to take in your life and soul business so that you can start attracting your heart’s desires into your life

  • Your own custom outline of spiritual/energetic practices that will support you and your vision going forward

Investment: $150

I now have time to do things I love, spend time with my husband, be with friends, read a book and not feel guilty over me time because I now know that my soul essence is enough.
— Brittni Colleen - Intuitive Success mentor

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