Empathic Leadership

When a lot of us think about what it means to be a “leader,” we probably initially envision a loud, masculine, hard-working, pushing, fiery personality. You might think of someone who always has their shit together, is never vulnerable, and always knows which direction to move in.

Although this is a possible form that “leadership” can take, it’s not the only way. It’s not even necessarily the best way.

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Quinn Downie
Sensitivity is Your Strength

Being one of the FEELERS of this world, you have a profound awareness of what others might otherwise miss/misunderstand. You have the ability to bring a unique medicine into the world that is not yet widely recognized. However, it isn’t the type of medicine that requires mass recognition; rather, your empathic energetic medicine ONLY requires recognition from yourself. After all, it is when YOU recognize your own power that others see it too. Not the other way around.

So let’s dive into the reasons why/how your empathic sensitivity is a strength and why it is important that YOU see this strength in yourself.

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Quinn Downie
What you Need to Know about your Feelings as an Empath

The complexity of understanding your feelings can lead to more confusion, leaving you feeling a little crazy and a lot overwhelmed/tangled in your head. This is why I want to outline some feelings that you can experience that are NOT YOURS. I also want to share how I work with my emotions so that I do not get tangled into them; this is especially important when you are feeling something that is not yours. Getting enmeshed in someone else’s story is often the root cause of most neuroses/anxiety that you experience in your life.

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Quinn Downie
Riding the Storm: why you feel so much inside you

“It’s like I have a storm living inside of me” I told my husband after another emotional outburst.

I was beginning to realize that I had an emotional wave running through me. I had so many feelings inside my body that life in my inner circle could be intense for my loved ones. I didn’t mean to spew out my emotions at my loved ones, but yet it kept happening, and it kept happening in a cyclical way too. There was a pattern of emotional buildup, purge (usually through an unexpected outburst that overtook my body), and then build up again.

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Quinn Downie
Freedom from Hierarchical Paradigms

Success today. It has become such a masculine-energy charged endeavor. This can be challenging for intuitive, spiritual women (and men too). As a young woman, I learned how to move toward success in a very hustle-based way (aka the way that often works for men), and it WORKED. I was always in the top percentile of my classes, even through almost a full decade of university. I was a success machine. But I was also burning out constantly, falling into deep depressions that I could not seem to beat despite my best efforts.

What I did not realize was that, as a woman, my mind/body/soul is cyclical. Sometimes, I am on fire and crave being busy. Other times, my body legitimately needs me to slow down and listen to my intuition before taking more actions.

Success as a woman (and as a projector no less) is NOT what I thought it was. It is not hierarchical. It is not about competition and hustle.

Success is so much more.

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Quinn Downie
The Language of the Universe

It was just a normal day in Northern Michigan, and I felt like all the animals were “talking” to me. Deer, turkeys, cats, and most prominently: owls. I was seeing OWLS everywhere in all forms, especially ALIVE owls during the DAY. Before this stage of my life, the thought that animals were communicating to me as signs or symbols would have sounded CRAZY, but I couldn’t remove the fascination from my mind. The signs were there. In front of my face. And something told me to start listening…

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Quinn Downie
Conquering "Cinderella Syndrome": Success Through Soul

“Cinderella Syndrome”

The term that I use to describe this phenomenon:

In November of 2017, I celebrated the fourth month of my intuitive life/business coaching business. I set my intention to sign 3 new clients by the end of the week using my energy, focus, and inspired actions ALONE.

I completed that week with 3 new clients in ONE DAY (and then a fourth one week to the day later).

At this time, my husband and I were living in a rough downtown apartment, surrounded by poverty and steadily growing crime/danger.

It was like my fairy Godmother finally showed me how much abundance I could bring into my life.
When my husband arrived home from work, I had tears streaming down my face.

“I did it.”
“What do you mean?”
“I signed 3 new clients.”
“How much money is that?”
“$11 400 today with $5K in payments coming up.”

“Wait, so we just made over $11K in a day?”
He had to sit down.
It was so fast and so sudden even though it was my intention and my plan all along.

At first, I was dancing and celebrating...
And then I sat down on the couch because a heaviness overtook me.

“I’ll never be able to do this again”

“What?!” He said incredulously.

“There is no way I can keep doing this. It’s too hard to believe. I better enjoy it while it lasts.”

And this scarcity pattern set the stage for my biggest personal struggle of 2018.

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Quinn Downie