The Language of the Universe

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I remember when the Universe first seemed to be communicating with me again…

It was just a normal day in Northern Michigan, and I felt like all the animals were “talking” to me. Deer, turkeys, cats, and most prominently: owls. I was seeing OWLS everywhere in all forms, especially ALIVE owls during the DAY. Before this stage of my life, the thought that animals were communicating to me as signs or symbols would have sounded CRAZY, but I couldn’t remove the fascination from my mind. The signs were there. In front of my face. And something told me to start listening…

The Universe was always communicating to me, but as I grew into adulthood, I disconnected myself from the part of me that spoke the language. Nooooooo thank-you. I told myself that being a child or teenager who saw signs and symbols was one thing, but to be an adult with these same beliefs was only going to be problematic.

I numbed myself in early adulthood with heavy drinking, weed smoking, partying, and reckless thrill-seeking. I also dedicated myself to school as a top-of-my-class academic in university, and this logic-based world was not the best environment for my imaginative mind to thrive.

In 2013, I started to notice certain things…

I started to notice how signs and symbols were appearing all around me at the strangest of times. One of the first signs I recognized was the appearance of certain animals, starting with deer. It wasn’t so much that the animals were THERE that made them symbolic (we see animals all the time), but it was the intuitive stimulation somewhere in my body that seemed to be saying “PAY ATTENTION.”

So I did just that. I started following my curiosity and looking up the meanings of these animals. This is how I learned about totems and spirit animals, something that I had never thought about in my life before. It was an intuitive nudge that guided me to seek the answers to my nagging questions.

In the summer of 2013, I had a short-lived relationship with a guy; although the relationship never went anywhere, I will always be grateful for the fact that he shared his family’s cottage with me on two occasions. When we rounded the drive into the property, I experienced one of my first “inner knowing” feelings since childhood. The log cabin seemed to be transmitting a heavenly energy of peace, bliss, and refuge before we even got significantly close to it. It was during my visits to this cottage in Northern Michigan that I noticed the consistent nudges coming from my environment.

The loudest of all animal totems for me at this stage in my life was the owl. The cottage was covered in owl figurines, and at night, the sound of barn owls could be heard for miles. It was not uncommon to catch an up-close glimpse of an owl sitting in a tree. Before this point, I never really noticed or thought about owls, but the divine symbol for transformation seemed to be telling me something BIG was happening to me.

I had no idea at the time that this symbol was heralding my spiritual awakening or even WHAT a spiritual awakening was, but I knew that the symbol was the beginning of something new for me.

The language got louder with time, and no matter how strange the concepts seemed, I always knew they were true.

As 2013 became 2014, I discovered my first spiritual “mentor” of sorts. I read her book because I noticed that her name and her book seemed to keep flashing in front of me. Even though I was still new to the concept of signs, I could tell that some force within AND outside of me was trying to urge me to download her book. So I did.

This stage led me to discovering the concept of spirituality, ego, and truth. As I was reading this woman’s book, I started to FEEL like I was going to have a career like hers: a best-selling author, a spiritual speaker on stage, and a “light worker,” which was the term she used to describe a thought leader/healer/psychic empath on a mission to heal the world.

“I am on a mission to heal the world” I squealed. I had felt this my whole life but abandoned the dream for a “logical” career in mental health. Now, my mind was open to principles and possibilities that transcended mental health. In fact, looking through the spiritual lens seemed to expand my mind to see the core cause behind ALL mental illness and how to heal without the harshness of many empirical methods.

The truth is that I wanted to share my knowledge with as many people as possible

As soon as I started to open my mind and heart to these spiritual principles, I began to realize that I wanted to share this work with as many people as possible. I knew there would be a pinnacle point where my career path would veer away from psychology and more toward an alternative path (this happened in 2017); I knew this alternative path would include my psychology training, but that I would be challenged to think OUTSIDE the box by tapping into a psychic part of me.

The truth is that a part of me has known that I am psychic my WHOLE life, but I never felt safe enough to say it out loud until last year (2018) for fear of coming under attack.

Part of being psychic is understanding the language of the universe for yourself…

You could be psychic too, especially if, like me, you also hear the word and think secretly to yourself “that sounds like me even though I have no clue how to do that stuff.”

The funny thing is that, as the universe begins to speak to you, a part of you picks up the language as if you have known it all along. You just KNOW. Accessing your psychic gifts is quite the same. You know that you are a light worker, even if you are busy in another career path, feeling depressed, feeling anxious, struggling with family, battling against financial fears, etc.

If you feel like the universe is speaking to you, there is a strong chance that it IS

Decoding the Language of the Universe

1.Signs and Synchronicities

Does my story ring a bell for you? Have you ever noticed that a certain bug, bird, or 4-legged creature seems to appear consistently in your life, and that, even though you want to be skeptical about it, a part of you keeps saying that it MEANS something? This feeling is your inner wisdom channeling through you. When you see a sign in ANY form (not just animals, but animals are the most common), a part of you recognizes this sign right away because the energy emitted from that sign stimulates a remembrance within you.

What are you remembering? You are remembering WHO you are and WHERE you came from (the quintessential existential questions that live within you). Another way that you can be reminded of your source is through synchronicities. This is any event that happens JUST after a thought about that event or a conversation about that event.

For example, I have been sharing a healing song called “I am Light” that I picked up from Bali with my clients and friends to help them in their healing journeys. I told one of my friends in my Quinner Circle membership to start using this song in her meditation practice. Later, this same friend connected with another woman who said to her “have you heard of this song? It is so healing!” Sure enough, the song she was suggesting to my friend was “I am Light,” which was clearly meant to help my friend to heal through her own challenges in life.

Have you ever had something like this happen to you? Pay attention because this is your Source and soul speaking TO you so that it can create THROUGH you.

2. Feelings, Knowings, Hearings, and Seeings

This is one of the classic activities that I do with my private clients. I put them on the spot in our FIRST session together and have them READ my energy. Some of my clients have no firm idea that they are psychic yet, but when put on the spot, suddenly they know what to do. Just like decoding your signs and symbols, reading energy is something that is done NATURALLY. It doesn’t need to be broken down logically or taught in a course; you are designed for this type of interaction.

Anytime you encounter a person or a place, you will feel the energy coming from that external factor. All people feel energy, whether they realize it or not, but sensitive people/empaths FEEL with such intensity that they are often diagnosed with mental illness for their sense. Remember that feeling energy is a sign of a much larger gift that you have been given by Source energy. It can feel like a burden, but this is not necessarily true.

Empathic and psychic gifts, when you do not know how to handle them, are burdens, but once you understand that you are a part of the cosmic dance that is this universe, you start to see how your gifts actually make life worth living.

The more comfortable I have become with my gifts, the more willing and able I have been to heal OTHERS without projecting my fears or limiting beliefs onto them. At first, it can be jarring and world-shaking. When I first discovered my gifts (and how naturally DEEP they went on my first-ever reading), I was a little scared. My paradigm was challenged (and then later dissolved) because everything I had been taught about reality and who I was turned out to be questionable at best.

I realized that my mental illness was actually misunderstood power and that my ability to FEEL so much on an emotional level was HOW I was going to change the world like I always dreamed. This was going to be HOW I would heal the world by first healing myself.

So give it a try. Next time you get an intuitive “feeling” about someone, check in with how you receive this information. Do you ever see a vision in your “mind’s eye"?” Do you “hear” in your inner ear, almost like someone downloaded a word into your brain at the right moment? Do you get concepts downloaded into your consciousness like a laser beam? Do you FEEL someone else’s pain, emotions, or symptoms when you are near them/thinking about them?

Pay attention to this! Contrary to what people in your life might think or say, what you are feeling is REALER THAN REAL. This is part of a spiritual awakening, and it is the beginning of you becoming a divine healer for the world.

3. Fatigue and heavy desires to nap

This was a BIG struggle when I was first awakening to my psychic and empathic gifts. I had no idea what was happening, but I could NOT stop napping. I wasn’t always fatigued, but when the waves would hit, I would go MONTHS at a time without being able to function… and then the fatigue would clear. I had my blood checked multiple times for deficiencies, but as usual, I was told how I am the “picture of perfect health.” I had my thyroxin levels checked, and still, everything in my system seemed to balance itself like it always has all my life (thankfully).

However, this still did not answer my burning question: WHY was I so tired?

Through multiple waves of crippling fatigue, I began to catch a pattern. Whenever I was sacrificing my desires, NOT listening to my body, and pushing myself too hard, the waves would start.

Here is the thing: some people will tell you this is you making excuses, but this is TRUE about empaths and healers.

We are ALWAYS picking up energy that moves past most people’s consciousness. We are processing more stimulation than most people will ever encounter in their lifetimes. Due to this hyper-sensitive lifestyle, INTENSE work actually overburdens us. This isn’t to say that we cannot work HARD. However, listen to your body. If a certain job or task or commitment is past your natural threshold, explore other options for yourself.

I used to work in fast food, which was a terrible idea for someone with my sensitivity. However, rather than listening to my body, I continued to push myself more and more until I was working 40 hours a week as a manager while also working on my master’s degree full-time. It was overkill, and this was one of the heaviest waves of fatigue that I have ever encountered.

Listen to your body. When it feels heavy or sleepy or lethargic, ask yourself how you can take some self-care time to slow down and recharge your power centre. As an empath, it will take less for you to reach “empty” than most people because you are taking in so much energy from so many places. Don’t worry: this changes as you grow into being an empowered empath; you begin to learn how to live WITH your sensitivity rather than against it, which makes life not only easier, but infinitely fulfilling.

For example, I left fast food and support work (my old jobs) to start my own online business as an intuitive guide and success coach. Even though I risked over $80K of my own resources overall to create my own business, the ability to work from home in a way that SUPPORTS my sensitivity has made a massive difference for my mental health. Always follow your heart. And most importantly: listen to your body.

4. Everything is actually a projection: life begins and ends with you

I know this can be trippy, so stick with me. Often when we speak, we talk about how life happens externally and we react. Although this is how it SEEMS, the reality is that the universe itself is a product of consciousness, meaning that it is the collective creation of our mind/body/soul trinities that allows us to see the world today. Everything is actually a projection and reflection of consciousness.

This concept will set you free, because you can begin to see how YOU are creating your life as you go along anyway. Co-creating is the word I prefer to use, because it reminds us that we are never in CONTROL. There are certain laws in every universe that dictate how reality will be experienced for the consciousness within it. One of these laws that you have undoubtedly heard of is the “law of attraction,” but this is only ONE law of many more. Some examples include the law of karma, the law of polarity, and the most rigid rule of ALL: the law of FREE WILL (aka the reason why your spirit guides cannot interfere with your life; they can only — well — GUIDE).

Co-creating your reality is a fine art of detaching from outcomes, trusting, and surrendering to the universe’s will WHILE ALSO taking inspired action, accepting accountability for your own life, and making CHOICES that support your desires rather than cutting them off. Speaking the language of the universe begins simply enough, but the more you learn, the more you realize that there is INFINITE more to learn too.

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