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When a lot of us think about what it means to be a “leader,” we probably initially envision a loud, masculine, hard-working, pushing, fiery personality. You might think of someone who always has their shit together, is never vulnerable, and always knows which direction to move in.

Although this is a possible form that “leadership” can take, it’s not the only way. It’s not even necessarily the best way.

…it’s just the most widely accepted way. So meanwhile, you are conditioned to believe that, as a sensitive person with emotions, vulnerability, and an intuitive sense for the unseen, you could never be a leader. Who would trust someone who is “flighty,” “woo,” “psychic,” emotional, spiritual, and metaphysical?

This is a common phenomenon when starting your spiritual journey and exploring your body of work as a thought leader. It makes sense to initially question yourself because you don’t fit into any of the modern day boxes that so many other people understand. You just don’t fit in anywhere really. So how could you possibly lead?

Well… think again

This is why paradigm work is such a crucial part of my craft as an intuitive guide. Looking at reality from this lens feels limiting, and it is no wonder why you are feeling hesitant about going ALL-in on your work as a thought leader.

But when you flip the script on this story and create your own paradigm, you can begin to see where empaths actually make AMAZING leaders once they see the magic that lives inside of them. This is why I write these blog posts in Wild and Free: because I want empaths like you to understand that you have a wild power at your core (your inner divinity) that allows you to create ANYTHING you set your mind to in this world.

So let’s go into the core reasons why empaths are actually powerful AF leaders

You are a natural-born thought leader

I am willing to bet that you will relate to this feeling: so, as a kid, I had this strongly innate feeling that I was essentially pre-destined to change the world. There was never a point in my life where I didn’t feel this deep-seeded knowing in my chest. I can vividly remember as far back as age 3-4 experiencing an overwhelming, unshakable knowing that I was here on this planet to offer something profoundly unique.

I find that this is actually common among empaths, and I believe that this is due to the fact that empaths incarnate on this planet IN ORDER TO change the world. It’s no coincidence that you are an emotional sponge and a super feeler. Your soul chose to BE this type of human for a strong and powerful reason.

It makes sense when you think about. Most of the world’s problems in today’s chaotic modern world stem from the fact that the divine feminine (also known as yin energy) has been stifled, controlled, and dismissed collectively. Concepts like interpersonal harmony, environmental awareness, love as a power, and vulnerability/honesty as strengths are not collectively embraced (YET).

So who better for the task of awakening humanity to its inner divinity and energetic origin than an empath? Someone who naturally feels and naturally remembers is going to be the answer to shifting collective human consciousness into a new, healthier, sustainable direction.

So this is how you are a natural-born thought leader. Even if you don’t feel like a thought leader right now, you probably feel a calling to move in that direction one day. And the reality is that your type of leadership is urgently needed, so you don’t have to wait until “one day” to begin creating your unique work as a thought leader. This is going to come naturally for you because your sensitivity allows you to question things that most humans accept at face value.

Your sensitivity makes it impossible for you to ignore when something feels “off” or simply untrue. In being able to discern the truth better than most people, you have a natural knack for creating a unique body of work that stimulates new paradigms of thought in the modern world. You are actually made for this, and as much as it seems scary to let your inner thought leader loose, this kind of work is going to come naturally to you. Much more naturally than trying to do basic, inside-the-box work.

You are open and therefore supportive on a deeply compassionate level (which brings out the best in people)

As I have mentioned before in previous blog posts, empaths are able to understand people in-depth without really trying due to the fact that you can FEEL other people so much. This allows you to hold space for other people where the other person is able to truly expand and grow. This is due to the fact that the client feels truly seen, heard, and understood. This is the mark of a true leader when you think about it: supporting others to expand and grow by seeing the gem within them.

Your ability to sense the best in people allows you to support them in bringing out this best like they never have before. This is how change is initiated, one person at a time.

You are able to offer energetic support that is free from ego - your clients receive undivided and deeply focused support

Not that you don’t have an ego as an empath: we are all human and have an ego that gets in the way. In fact, until you get used to your sensitivity, you might find that your brain tends to freak out often when sensitivity is running on high, leading to a loud inner ego.

BUT, that being said, empaths tend to care about others before themselves. We are natural givers. This can also be problematic, which is why I focus on boundaries often in my work with my private clients. Your ability to feel someone else without letting your ego permeate the support you are offering makes you a natural leader.

The archetypal leader of the patriarchy/modern world has a big ego and leads others into becoming more or less THEM, like carbon copy robots. This is not leadership unless you are a leader of a cult. Sorry not sorry.

A TRUE leader helps others to shine as they truly are, returning them to their nature and reminding them of how powerful they already are. This is something that empaths are MADE FOR. You can see that potential in other human beings, usually without even trying. This makes you a natural new age leader.

Remember who you are. You are an empath for a reason. You are a thought leader at heart. You know it.

I hope this blog post supports you in moving toward unleashing your inner thought leader. This is quite a journey, but it’s the most rewarding pathway you can follow. After all, it is your own pathway because it is you answering your calling.

The best part is that you don’t have to do this alone. There are so many options for support in the online space now, and it is in this online space that we begin to build the prototype for a new earth and new age.

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Sending you lots of love, light, and hugs.


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