Sensitivity is Your Strength

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I have been blogging lately on the personal experiences of being a sensitive person/empath, including the emotional storm that we often feel, as well as the fact that we can pick up emotions that are not our own.

And as much as it may seem that feeling everything so much IS the heaviest burden you have to bear in this life, I want to remind you that this is actually your greatest strength and power.

In a time of mass inner ascension, the world needs more FEELERS

Ascension is one of those things that we are all collectively experiencing on some level. What do I mean by “ascension?” I mean the energetic upgrades and frequency shifts that happen on both spiritual and cellular levels when we experience a “spiritual awakening.”

It is challenging to put this phenomenon into tangible words, especially since the awakening is different for each individual in a multitude of ways.

But overall, a lot of people are starting to recognize the illusions that they have been taught to accept as “fact.” As we awaken from these illusions, we also open ourselves to experiences that can be difficult to understand. This often includes mental illness for many people right now because our society is not equipped with the tools and support that awakening individuals truly need.

This is where empaths come in …

Being one of the FEELERS of this world, you have a profound awareness of what others might otherwise miss/misunderstand. You have the ability to bring a unique medicine into the world that is not yet widely recognized. However, it isn’t the type of medicine that requires mass recognition; rather, your empathic energetic medicine ONLY requires recognition from yourself. After all, it is when YOU recognize your own power that others see it too. Not the other way around.

So let’s dive into the reasons why/how your empathic sensitivity is a strength and why it is important that YOU see this strength in yourself.

You Effortlessly Understand People

Being able to FEEL another person allows you to have a level of depth in your compassion that most people cannot imagine. You feel the other person’s feelings, which allows you to see, understand, and hold space for others at an intense depth.

This is the mark of a healer: empaths often feel the call to heal or support others for the simple reason that they UNDERSTAND people. Not only can you place yourself in someone else’s shoes easily, but it is actually hard NOT TO put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You feel their viewpoint as strongly as if it were your own, even though you know it is not.

This can lead to you being easily triggered by other people’s thoughts/viewpoints due to the fact that, in the moment, that viewpoint truly feels like a threat to your own. The more you learn how to discern your own feelings from those of other people, the easier you will find it becomes to remain open-minded. Empaths have the ability to see the validity and truth in any angle of any argument, making it natural for you to create intra/interpersonal peace.

Imagine how much power comes from someone who is able to effortlessly mediate tension and therefore bring peace to unstable situations. You can see where this alone is a gift in a changing world.

You Perceive Energy with Little Effort

As much as the emotions can be intense as an empath, it is liberating to realize that the emotions you are feeling are ENERGY. I have supported a lot of people in learning how to perceive their own energy as well as the energy of others. This is not a skill that comes naturally to every person; however, since empaths feel so much, you will notice that feeling energy is not difficult for you like it is for many others.

This is why empaths tend to be energy healers in some capacity; you feel a lot of emotions, and emotions are energy in motion. This allows you to work with your own energy easily, so moderating your anxiety or supporting your own depression becomes possible with practice. What is more is that, as you develop more awareness of your emotions in this way, you can begin to help others to do the same.

For example, in my healing craft, I am able to take on the emotional energy of my clients, and then from there, I am able to move that energy through my system as if it were my own, which begins to free the other person from the density of what they are feeling. From there, we can work with making long-lasting changes and deep de-conditioning.

If it were not for how intensely I feel emotional energy, I would not be able to do the work that I do today in my career/business.

So you can see where feeling emotions is actually a strength because you are feeling ENERGY, and everything in life is energy. Every living thing.

What is life if it is not energy?

You Never Fit in Anywhere

This is a gift. Fitting in is more of an epidemic than a goal to aspire toward. On some level, we all THINK we want to fit in; it’s a natural, ancient instinct that provides us with a feeling of safety and belonging. As a Pisces moon, I admire the feeling of belonging to a collective as much as anyone, but I have also had to learn that standing out is where my strength comes in.

Being willing to go against the crowd and question the norms around you is scary, but this is what will change the world. This is what will allow you to move into your dream life: allowing yourself to be unique.

And as someone who already identifies as an “empath,” you inevitably will not fit into many boxes.

This brings me to my final point:

You Need to Recognize Yourself

The most empowering thing you can do as an empath is to choose to recognize the strength in your sensitivity. The more you recognize your differences with love, including your weaknesses, the more you empower yourself to stand tall and confident as an empath.

What are your quirks? What are you naturally drawn to (that might go against the norm)? How do you make others around you feel when you are being yourself? The more you recognize yourself for all the strength you possess, the more possibilities you unlock for yourself.

Sensitivity is Strong

Being willing to break away from the beaten path and, instead, being able to carve your own path/lifestyle as an empath is a strength. Choosing to allow yourself to feel and to then learn how to use this feeling as a skill takes STRENGTH.

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Sending love xox

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Quinn Downie